2022 Kia Sportage Driven, 2023 Toyota bZ4X Markups, and 2023 ORA Ballet Cats

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QOTD: Why haven’t you switched to an EV yet?

With the almost certainty of adopting the electric car mainstream, it is now virtually inevitable that if you want to buy a brand new car in the near future, it has to be an EV. And while there is a part of you who are already immersed, there is a more significant part that is spending their time. So we put the question to you: why haven’t you made the switch EV yet?

Toyota dealers are imposing huge markup on the 2023 bZ4X, one priced at $ 77,278!

While dealer markups spread across the industry across virtually all brands, there’s nothing to deny that some make and models are looking at stupid figures compared to others. Joining the latest spate of tempting pricing strategies is a Toyota dealer in Maryland with a bZ4X mark-up of over $ 25,000 – the equivalent of a asking price of $ 77,278!

For that time of the month, the ORA ballet cat’s ‘warm man mode’ is not the sexiest thing about it

While the ORA Ballet Cat may send alarm bells to Volkswagen’s IP divisions, it’s not the only offensive part of their new EV. The ballet cat obviously targets women – so much so that it could be the sexiest car ever made. It features a “warm man mode” that is specifically designed for women to use during menstruation. According to the automaker, during a period, women may feel cold and then “panic”, so the feature turns on climate control to “warm the body and mind”. Other problematic components include a make-up box, a selfie camera and a “lady driving mode” that uses adaptive cruise control, voice-controlled parking and voice-controlled reversing, among other features to make driving easier.

Tesla FSD Beta Update 10.12 makes big changes to enhance user experience

Tesla’s controversial FSD Beta has been given a new update that promises to fix many of the problems it has mixed with previous iterations. Part of the programming of the latest software makes the system more confident. While this may seem daunting at first, imagine taking a turn with a driver who is not sure if they can turn safely. The goal of FSD 10.12 is to solve the problem by accurately predicting the situation and increasing the speed of the vehicle by turning. Other improvements include better visualization and will give Tesla drivers a hint when other road users hit their brakes, use their turn signals or keep their doors open.

Powered by: 2022 Kia Sportage GT-Line 2.0 Diesel will take off your socks

To find out how far the Koreans have come with their SUV, we took the 2022 Kia Sportage GT-Line 2.0 diesel on a five-week trip of 5,300 kilometers (3,300 miles). Although the exterior design of the new Sportage requires some adjustment, we found the cabin to be a very nice place to spend time. And while it may not be the most rugged-and-tumble SUV out there, it can handle itself in light off-roading. Read our full review for an in-depth assessment.

We are running BMW i4 eDrive40, you want to know?

We will soon be behind the AU-market BMW i4 eDrive40, complete with M Sport package. With 250 kW (335 hp) and 317 lb-ft (470 Nm) of torque shipped on the rear wheels, it promises to offer another sport in a growing crowded EV market. But before we file our results, we want to know your questions about the new electric BMW.

And what news making

Max Verstapen wins Spanish Grand Prix after Charles Lacklark failed to finish


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Demonstrating just how fast the championship pendulum can swing in Formula 1, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen took the championship ahead of Ferrari’s Charles Lackler. Leclerc was in the lead from the start of his pole position but suffered from problems that forced him to retire early. Verstappen continues its winning trend of every race ending in 2022, although the team orders involving Sergio Perez were apparently criticized by the Mexican driver.

Rapper, Drake, Lacklark lost $ 230,000 after retirement


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Canadian rapper Drake lost CA 300,000 ($ 230,000) to bet Charles Lecler to win the race in Barcelona. The singer placed his first F1 bet on the cryptocurrency platform Stack, and if Leclerc’s Ferrari crossed the first finish line, he could potentially win CA $ 750,000 (US $ 590,000).

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