2022 Lucid Air’s display screen may stop working, reporting fix involved

The Lucid Air has already withdrawn another, NHTSA document suggesting that about 1,117 vehicles could be affected – which, considering the low delivery numbers, could translate to a large percentage of air on the road if not all.

Withdrawal centers around an error that could disable display screens Of particular concern is the inability of the affected vehicles to display important information, including speed, gear selection and warning lights. As a result, the vehicles became a violation of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 101, “Control and Display”.

The root of the problem has been identified as the Ethernet cable harness for the glass cockpit instrument panel. According to the NHTSA, “rubbing on other parts of the vehicle can damage the shoe and disable the display screens.”

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Thanks to the owners, the fix seems quick and painless. According to Lucid InsiderAn owner was told by the Lucid Service Center on Riviera Beach, Florida, that it would take “a few minutes” to fix and that some zip ties were needed to secure the Ethernet shoe.

Both the Dream and Grand Turing models are affected by the recall and this may explain the delayed delivery report, while some owners have been notified of the third final inspection.

This is not the first recall for Lucid, as 203 Airs has been recalled to the service center within months of the closure of the production line. In that case, it was due to an incorrectly assembled suspension part.

The latest withdrawal notice will be mailed to owners by June 20th, with instructions on how to avail the free fix. Alternatively, owners can call Lucid Customer Service to book an appointment.

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