Bentley Continental Teases new sporty trim for GT and GTC

Bentley has teased a new trim for the Continental GT and Continental GTC models, which will be unveiled on June 6. The automaker is slowly expanding the trim options offered for its models, right after the launch of the Azure trim, which focuses on comfort and comfort. – Being

The short video teaser features a black wheel with five double spokes and a red brake caliper with the Bentley symbol. We can hear the roar of an engine and then we see a new S symbol.

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Bentley talks about a “new family of Continental GT and GTC models” that “focuses on driving performance and striking visual cues”. Presumably, we are talking about a new trim level for the existing range of Grand Tours, perhaps with more engine options offered than the W12-powered Continental GT Speed ​​Performance flagship.

At the moment we can only guess but S-badged models will probably get a hint of Sportier design focused on wheels, bumper intake trim, grille and tailpipes. It can also be combined with extra bits and pieces inside the cabin from dark upholstery materials with carbon fiber, aluminum, and reverse stitching. In terms of performance, we don’t necessarily expect more power from the V8 and W12 powertrains, but the Grand Tours could benefit from a more focused suspension setup and beaver brakes.

We’ll learn more about the new features of the S-badged Continental GT and GTC in a few days.

Opel’s Tiny Rocks-e EV has joined the fire brigade in Germany

Fire brigade fleets are usually associated with large fire trucks, off-road-capable vehicles and motorcycles, but Opel’s recent one-off is quite different. The automaker has introduced a special version of the Rocks-e heavy quadricycle that has joined their fire brigade fleet for the Russellsheim plant in Germany.

For its new role, EVT has got a suitable fire-red lever with yellow accents, extra flashing lights and graphics with emergency numbers. Inside, firefighters place their equipment under passenger seats and in the footwall, as the one-off is based on regular Rocks-e, not cargo variants. Interestingly, the conversion was carried out by firemen with the help of the Department of Advanced Engineering and OSV (Opel Special Vehicle).

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Presumably, the Opel Rocks-e is the smallest vehicle in the fire brigade’s fleet, measuring 2,410 mm (94.9 in) long and 1.39 m (54.7 in) wide, with a turning radius of 7.2 m (283 in). However, its role is not to put out fires or carry heavy equipment, but to be quick and easy to get to every corner of the Russellsheim facilities. The small footprint in the zero-emission powertrain combination allows the car to be driven inside the building when needed, saving time in daily work.

The Opel Rocks-e is a sister model of the Citroen Ami, coming with a small 8 hp (6 kW / 8 PS) electric motor and a 5.5 kWh battery. Maximum speeds are limited to 45 km / h (32 mph) so firefighters should not rush, while a 75 km (47 mph) limited range should be sufficient to cover 1.9 sq km (469.5 acres) of the Russellsheim plant. . If you think EVs are not suitable for the fire brigade, you should probably reconsider, as LAFD recently delivered its first electric fire truck to North America.

This is not the first time that a Stalantis heavy quadricycle has taken on a variety of responsibilities.

Special Renault Megan e-Tech icon recalls Cleo Williams

Renault’s decision to convert the Megan into an electric SUV has at the same time destroyed its RS segment and misled many enthusiasts. Fortunately, French carmakers have not completely forgotten the history of making some world-beat performance cars, recently featuring a special Megane e-tech inspired by iconic Renault Cleo Williams.

In the world of hot hatches, Cleo Williams is considered royal. In fact, it is widely regarded as one of the greatest hot hatches of all time, and since its introduction in 1993, people have redefined what a hot hatch can do.

The slot under the Cleo Williams modified bodywork is a naturally-desired 2.0-liter four-cylinder that pumps 145 hp at 6,100 rpm and 129 lb-ft (175 Nm) of torque at 4,500 rpm. Renault has also extensively modified Cleo’s suspension system for use on the Williams, making it one of the most responsive, precise and enjoyable hot hatches for driving.

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To celebrate Cleo Williams at a recent JASP event in Madrid, Spain, Renault has introduced a special Megan e-Tech with a design inspired by Cleo.

Cleo Williams still thanks today for her dark blue finish and contrasting gold wheels. The special Megane E-Tech is bathed in the same shade of dark blue and is adorned with some gold accents, especially across the front fascia and along the rocker panel. Although it doesn’t have a gold wheel like the Cleo, it still shows parts.

Of course, the new Megane E-Tech has very little in common with Clio Williams except for the badge. It is underpinned by the same CMF-EV platform and electric powertrain as the Nissan Aria and is offered in 129 hp and 215 hp configurations. Renault says the entry-level 40 kWh battery pack is good for the WLTP range of 186 miles (299 km) whereas the larger 60 kWh offers range up to 292 miles (470 km).

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Jaguar Land Rover is celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a 26-car show

Jaguar Land Rover joins Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee celebrations as the United Kingdom celebrates the Queen’s 70th birthday on the throne.

During the upcoming Platinum Jubilee pageant on June 5, no less than 26 Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will be on display. These will include two Maharaj’s Land Rover Defenders and the historically important Jaguar E-Type. This will include a Bespoke 1965 Series 1 E-Type Roadster that has recently been restored and is given a metallic blue color scheme inspired by the Union Jack flag.

Various other vehicles including James Bond’s Jaguar XKR will participate in this event Die another day As well as from various Land Rover Wearing from the sky And No time to die. The competition will include the first Land Rover to be unveiled at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show, an F-Pace electric hybrid and an i-Pace from the E-Trophy Racing series.

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Chris Thorpe, Chief of Staff of Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, head of the Commonwealth, patron of more than 600 charities, as well as a mother, grandmother and granddaughter, the Queen is an outstanding role model and we are delighted to celebrate with her today.”

Land Rover will give the British Red Cross a new Defender 130 that will support its operations across the UK. The British Red Cross will be modified to best serve before going into SUV service.

“We are delighted to have Defender 130 and look forward to working with the Land Rover team to fix it in the coming months,” said Chris Davis, Head of Crisis Response at the British Red Cross. “Produced as the longest version of this vehicle, we will be able to use the enhanced capabilities to incorporate new and unique features that will better support our emergency response and ambulance support work. Give freedom to those affected by the situation and the disaster. ”

The Lexus experience in European sales has declined due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict

European sales of Lexus have been severely affected since the start of the war in Ukraine.

The Japanese carmaker sold a total of 72,441 cars across Europe last year. Of these, 19,638 were sold in Russia and 1,881 were recorded in Ukraine. Since the invasion of Ukraine, Lexus has stopped importing vehicles into Russia.

Only 1,738 new Lexus cars were sold in Russia from the beginning of the year to April. This represents a 76 percent decrease over the previous year.

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Talking to Auto NewsSpiros Fortinos, head of Lexus Europe, confirmed that the vehicles sold in Russia were imported before the ban began this year.

“As the sanctions move forward, we have stopped deliveries, so we can rely on products that were already in Russia this year,” he confirmed.

Due to declining sales across Russia and Ukraine, the carmaker expects to sell around 50,000 cars across the European region this year. Fortinos is confident that the new Lexus RX, launched in Europe later this year, will help boost sales. About 87 percent of Lexus sales in Europe are for SUVs, and the brand’s range will be further strengthened by the arrival of the All-Electric RZ next year.

While Lexus is facing sales problems in Europe, its parent company Toyota recently revealed that they built 3,474,706 cars in the first four months of the year, meaning it is on track to sell 10.4 million cars this year.

New Jaguar F-Pace SVR Version 1988 Tributes to Le Mans-Winning XJR-9 LMK

The Jaguar F-Pace SVR is already a great SUV but the British automaker has just unveiled a limited-edition version called the 1988 version. Limited to just 394 instances worldwide, this particular F-Pace SVR has been brought to life. By the automaker’s SV Bespoke section.

The limited edition F-Pace SVR pays homage to the race-winning Jaguar XJR-9 LM from 1988 Le 24 Hour. That car completed 394 laps of the circuit during the event, so why only 394 examples of the 1988 version would be produced.

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All examples are bathed in the same Midnight Amethyst Gloss Paintwork and sit on a set of 22-inch imitation alloy wheels finished in champagne gold satin. Each F-Pace SVR version includes a 1988 Sunset Gold Satin Jaguar badge and tailgate script, each front wing panel has a laser-aided version 1988 logo and gloss black finish across the wing mirror cap, brake caliper, wheel center cap. And ‘R’ on the SVR badge.

The distinctive features continue in the cabin of the powerful SUV. For example, all 394 instances will be furnished with semi-aniline ebony leather upholstery and will feature detail sunset gold satin across the dashboard, steering wheel, paddle shifter and front seat. The Jaguar has a satin black badge on the steering wheel while applying the fine SV Bespoke and version 1988 branding to the illuminated tradeplate and dashboard.

“The design of the F-PACE SVR version 1988 was inspired by the legendary Jaguar Endurance Racing Car,” said Richard Ully, Creative Director of Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations, about the limited-edition SUV. “Midnight Amethyst Gloss Paintwork looks black until its amethyst undertones are exposed to the bright sun, emphasizing the dynamic exterior of the SVR. To achieve this dramatic ultra metallic gloss finish, we evaluated more than 40 variations to create the desired color depth. “

The F-Pace SVR version 1988 is mechanically identical to the standard model. As such, it is powered by a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 with 550 hp and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) of torque. This month’s Le Mans 24 Hours will feature the SUV alongside the 1988 Le Mans-winning XJR-9.

2023 Lexus RX breaks cover with evolutionary styling and a 367 hp hybrid

Luxury crossovers may seem relatively new, but they have been around for decades, and one of the first was the Lexus RX.

Launched in 1998, the original model was a huge success, and that trend has continued for four generations, with Lexus selling 100,000 RX annually in the United States for eight consecutive years.

The company wants to build that momentum with the redesigned 2023 RX, which has an evolutionary design, advanced technology and a new plug-in hybrid powertrain.

An evolutionary, but more integrated design

Although the designers did not want to make a fuss, the 2023 RX takes on a sharper look and an updated version of the company’s controversial spindle grille. The latter is immediately different because it has a more straightforward design as well as softer edges and diamond-like inserts. The grille is flanked by the new headlights, which features swoosh-style daytime running lights. They are located above the minimum air curtain which is surrounded by black as well as integrated fog light housing.

Going further back, we see an evolutionary design that incorporates streamlined styling and round wheel arches. Designers have also cleared the shoulder line, while adding more obvious richness to the bottom doors. The model mounts on 19-inch wheels with a dark gray machined finish, but customers will be able to upgrade to 21-inch in a variety of designs.

Some major changes have taken place due to the RX adopting an angular and more integrated design. However, the thing that comes out instantly is the taillights, which are now connected by a thin illuminated strip. Further down, there is a ventilated rear bumper with a sportier design that features an angular lower accent and a bi-tone look.

A classy and high-tech interior

Luxury vehicles are the interior and current owners will be happy to take a look inside the redesigned RX. The model follows in the footsteps of the 2022 NX and includes a digital instrument cluster as well as a brand new Lexus interface system, many miles ahead of its predecessor.

The company doesn’t say much about the infotainment system, but it does offer cloud-based navigation, an intelligent assistant and over-the-air updates. While a 14-inch display would be optional, we can expect the base models to be equipped with a smaller 9.8-inch screen like the NX.

Thanks to the new Touch and voice-focused infotainment system, the designers were free to streamline the center stack and remove the medium switchgear found in the outgoing model. The analog watch has also been scrapped due to the new RX living in a digital world.

Elsewhere, the push-button has an interior door handle, a minimalist shifter and an elegant dashboard that can be accentuated with the many colors of lighting available. Buyers will also find aluminum, ash bamboo, black cascade or black open pore wood trim.

Full details will be announced near launch, but the 2023 RX will be offered in six different trims known as Standard, Premium, Premium +, Luxury, F-Sport Handling and F-Sport Performance. We’ll talk about the next one in a moment, but Lexus further mentioned that the model will be offered with a panoramic glass roof and a head-up display.

A new platform and a big weight loss

A completely new model requires a new architecture and for the 2023 Lexus RX it is the GA-K platform, shared with ES and NX. The new platform allows increased rigidity and weight storage of up to 198 pounds (89.8 kg). Lexus did not go into much specificity, but noted that the crossover has a brand new multi-link rear suspension design attached to a “rigid high-torsion rear body frame that allows more consistent suspension input / travel during acceleration, corrosion and motion. Steering moment. “

Despite having a wheelbase of 2.36 inches (60 mm), the 2023 RX remained 192.5 inches (4,890 mm) long as the rear overhang was reduced by the same amount. This is good news because rear seat passengers will get extra legroom, while everyone can appreciate the increased cargo capacity.

New engine and available plug-in hybrid power

The fight against displacement continues as the RX 350’s 3.5-liter V6 has been replaced by a new turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder. It produces 275 hp (205 kW / 279 PS) and 317 lb-ft (429 Nm) of torque, which is reduced by 20 hp (15 kW / 20 PS) but increased by 50 lb-ft (68 Nm) compared to the outgoing model.

The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, which can be combined with front or all-wheel drive. Lexus says that the next variant will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-96 km / h) in 7.2 seconds, which is 0.7 seconds faster than its predecessor.

However, it should be noted that consumers should not expect huge gains in the fuel economy. Lexus estimates that the RX 350 will return a combined 24 mpg, which is no better than the older V6-powered model that offers up to 23 mpg.

With gas prices hovering near all-time highs, many consumers will probably choose the 2023 RX 350h instead of the previous 450h. It has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine coupled with a fourth-generation hybrid system and a standard all-wheel drive system.

The power output takes a big hit because the 2023 RX 350h is rated at 246 hp (183 kW / 249 PS) and 233 lb-ft (316 Nm), which fades to 308 hp (230 kW / 312PS). And 247 lb-ft (335 Nm) of torque on the old RX 450h. However, Lexus says the new model is actually faster because the dash will take 7.4 seconds instead of 60 mph (96 km / h) 7.9 seconds.

Of course, hybrids are primarily about fuel efficiency and that’s where the RX 350h comes in. Lexus believes the model’s combined fuel economy rating will be 33 mpg, or 3 mpg better than its predecessor.

Buyers can also choose a brand new RX 450h + plug-in hybrid. Lexus wasn’t ready to talk about the US specification, but the model will likely share its powertrain with the NX 450h +. It has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, three electric motors and an 18.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This setup offers plug-in hybrid NX 302 hp (222 kW / 306 PS) and 37 miles (60 km) electric-only range.

The new RX 500h F Sport performance is a 367 HP hybrid

While the plug-in hybrid is notable, the variant that has raised the most eyebrows is the new RX 500h F Sport performance. It is a performance-based hybrid with a turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, a six-speed automatic transmission and a rear eAxle with a “high output electric motor” that promises “improved performance and faster acceleration”.

This setup enables the all-wheel drive crossover to produce 367 hp (274 kW / 372 PS) and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) of torque, which is enough to make the Acura MDX Type S smile. The good news doesn’t end there, because the RX 500h F sport performance goes from 0-60 mph (0-96 km / h) in 5.9 seconds and has a combined estimated fuel economy rating of 26 mpg, which is more than 7 mpg.

In addition to the powerful hybrid system, the RX 500h F Sport has a sporty exterior with unique performance bumper, a mesh grille and more aggressive air intake. They’re joined by black accents, extra body color elements, and a six-piston brake caliper.

A perforated leather steering wheel that continues the sporty styling in the cabin featuring a paddle shifter. Drivers will also receive aluminum paddles, suede-trimmed door panels and F Sport scarf plates.

Will go on sale later this year with enhanced security features

When the 2023 RX hits US dealerships later this year, it will come with the Lexus Safety System + 3.0 suite of driver support systems. It includes all-speed dynamic radar cruise control with a new curve speed management function, as well as an advanced pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, intersection support and new motorcycle detection.

Buyers will also receive an emergency driving stop system and lane exit warning with steering assist. The crossover can be equipped with an advanced parking system, which now supports front parking conditions.

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Photos Lexus and Michael Gauthier for Carscoops

1, A 1,049 HP Hypercar powered by an F1 engine

Finally, the legendary three-pointed star of the automotive world sits in front of a modern hypercar.

Mercedes-Benz, with its incredible racing team and AMG Performance House, has proven its racing and motorsport skills over the decades, dominating roads and tracks around the world. 55 years after AMG, which was first established in 1967, it is time to enter the Mercedes-AMG Hypercar ring. It is a highly competitive space where brands showcase the best they can offer in four wheels in terms of luxury, performance, technology and the most advanced engineering and innovation, and fortunately, Mercedes-AMG’s racing experience is much greater. To offer the new Mercedes-AMG One.

A new hybrid hypercar, AMG ONE has come up with road technology that has helped dominate the Mercedes-AMG Formula 1. The four electric motors and a 1.6-liter V6 engine combine the Mercedes-AMG One. 1,049 horsepowerAnd the top speed has an incredible limit 219 miles per hour. Note that the 1.6-liter is a Real F1 engine, Although it has been modified. With a monocoque, carbon bodywork, AMG performance 4MATIC + all-wheel-drive, active arrow and more technology, the Mercedes-AMG One is going to be an incredibly dynamic and powerful vehicle. Electric motors serve a wide range of functions, including assembling a turbocharger to reduce lag, attaching to a crankshaft, and running the last two front wheels, and the Formula 1 engine cannot run as high as its racing counterpart. , It gets up to an incredible 11,000 rpm.

Including one with six driving modes All electrical modes, An optional magnesium wheel with optional carbon cover for aerodynamics, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires and carbon ceramic brakes, Mercedes-AMG One ready to be an incredible and impressive car in any crowd, it is an F1 car built for both. Roads and Tracks In fact, Mercedes-AMG One features an active aero system. Drag Reduction System (DRS) Like the Formula 1 car, it took knowledge and inspiration.

Although the Mercedes-AMG One is a no-nonsense, racing-ready hypercar with F1 policy, it is not entirely Spartan. The steering wheel is fitted with shifting lights, but the Nappa has a leather upper and a state-of-the-art infotainment system, as well as electric windows and air conditioning, making the Mercedes-AMG One ready for everyday use as a car. Dealing with apexes and chicanes. With the luxury, performance and style we’ve never seen before, the new Mercedes-AMG One embodies the definition of a hypercar.

The price of the Mercedes-AMG One has not been announced, but it is rumored to be set More than মিল 2 million. As far as production goes, right 275 examples Although they are planned Everything has already been said.