2024 Porsche Panamera and Turbo Prototype Running Tagged in N নrburg

In 2024 the Porsche Panama development team was seen installing its speed-updated sedan in Nবারrburg, Germany.

Plural sedans, as our spy photographers snatch two different forms of the famous 13-mile forest track pounding 2024 Panama. Both cars seem to be wearing the same 10-spoke alloy wheels, but different bumper, spoiler and exhaust tailpipe setups make it easier to figure out which top dog is working without the benefit of lap time data.

The front bumper of the first car has three evenly spaced intakes, a rectangular tailpipe and a spoiler that rises directly from the base of the trunk lid under the rear window. But the second car has four distinct rear tailpipes (or tailpipe finishers, so to speak), and its special rear spoiler that rises from the trunk lid, then extends outwards, suggesting that it is a faster car of the pair, perhaps a turbo or turbo s.

No car is required to display electrically assisted prototypes without a yellow hybrid sticker, so both must be conventional gas cars. That means both are probably driving the evolution of the turbocharged V6 and V8 powerplants featured in today’s Panamaras.

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There is some debate about how new the 2024 Panamaras are. We suspect that this is an update to the current car instead of a brand new one, but recent shots of an experimental car interior show that it will feel reasonably fresh inside. The sedan’s dashboard and console borrowed from the electric Taycan, giving the Panamara a full digital dashboard, updated infotainment system, passenger screen and a small gear selector rocker toggle mounted on top of the dash.

One thing we don’t expect Panamera to borrow from the Tycoon is an all-electric drivetrain because it would make two cars very similar. But the Porsche could extend PHEV’s electric driving range from its 35-mile (56 km) variant to its off-the-pace variant, matching the 70-mile (113 km) offered by recent luxury rivals such as the new Range Rover, Mercedes. S-Class, and recently announced the 2023 BMW 7-Series.

Image Credit: CarPix for CarScoops

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