24% of Americans now consider buying an EV “very promising”

A study by JD Power found that consumers are more willing to buy EVs.

According to a recent U.S. Electric Vehicle Consideration Study, 24% of Americans are now “very likely” to consider an EV when buying or leasing their next car. This is 4% more than a year ago and JD is responsible for a variety of factors, including the introduction of new models such as pickups.

“The addition of the new EV model has removed the needle in consumers’ minds,” explained Stuart Stroop, JD Power’s senior director of automotive retail. He added that “several new models of the brand in the Burmese mass market are at the top of that consideration list.”

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While this is good news for a handful of automakers, it seems that consumers have strong feelings about EVs. While 24% of them are “very likely” to consider getting an EV, about 76% of new-car buyers say they are “very unlikely” to consider buying one. It seems there is not much room in the middle because people are either too open to EV or against them.

Surprisingly, charging plays a big factor in consumer acceptance. A whopping 34% of people who said they would not consider buying an electric car said they did not have access to charge at home or work. Furthermore, only 17% of tenants were “very likely” to consider getting an EV, compared to 27% of homeowners. Although homeowners tend to be more affluent and they can afford higher electric cars, they can charge the home relatively easily.

One of the best ways to handle this is to expose customers to electric vehicles. Although only 11% of respondents with no personal experience with EVs said they were “very likely” to consider a purchase, the number reached 24% of those who were passengers on EVs. This number has increased by 34% among those who have already driven an electric vehicle.

Interestingly, EV owners do not sell fully electric cars because only 48% say they are “very likely” to consider another EV for their next purchase. The study also found that premium car owners are more likely to consider an EV for their next purchase. However, the “most likely” consideration is 6% for mainstream brands compared to a year ago.

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