329-HP Volkswagen Golf R 20 year version is still the most powerful golf

Volkswagen is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its R Performance division with the Golf R 20 Years Edition, the most powerful factory golf to date.

The new model is based on a regular Golf R, but in this case, the EA888 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is alleged to produce 13 hp (13 PS) 329 hp (333 PS) at European-spec output. In standard trim the R. engine is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and, like every R model since the first Golf R in 2002, runs four wheels.

The engine breathes through an acrobatic titanium sports exhaust, which frees some extra spirits from the engine and annoys your neighbors hell. And that’s not the only reason the rest of your street will hate you. VW has developed an “emotional start” function that revises the start-up engine up to 2500 rpm, according to Autocar.

The DSG transmission has been remade to give a “noticeable response when it gets up”, which means we think VW has changed gears more abruptly to increase the excitement, which would be interesting to see how the smooth changes to the original DSG helped change the pedal-shift. The game Autocar It also claims that the turbocharger now runs at a constant speed under part throttle, which makes pick-up faster.

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The Special Edition is available in Gold and Lapis Blue or White. Go for the blue color and your 19-inch Estoril Alloy Wheel is finished in glossy black; Choose white and they get a stylish blue treatment. Whatever you specify, you will be able to wrap them in the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 track rubber.

Other model-specific upgrades include a mirror cap (blue on the white car, black on the blue), a “20” badge on the door and even a re-configured poodle light design that now features a “20 R” logo. The cabin also received a boost for the dash and door card with genuine carbon fiber trim and a blue “R” logo on the steering wheel.

The R 20 Years version has been confirmed for sale in the UK, Europe and Australia, but we are still waiting for confirmation of US availability. Australian website Drive Says the European Order Book opens June 2, and the model will not be limited by volume, but is only available for one year.

This is a developing story. As soon as we know more we will update more details including price

Autocar / drive from H / T

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