7-year-old parents go for a slushy race at Kiya, chaos ensues

Kids can say the most horrible things, but fortunately most of them don’t take your car for fun.

However, seven-year-old Daniel Wittenbach was obsessed with Slushy early in the morning, so he used a chair to pick up the keys to his parents’ Kia Sportage while he slept.

The rest is captured on dashcam video, which shows Wittenbach getting behind the wheel and trying to get to a nearby speedway. It turned out to be as you expected because Wittenbach had just reached the paddles and had no idea what he was doing because he thought the crossover was “driving itself”.

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After leaving the area around him, WLWT reports that Wittenbach descended under Roosevelt Boulevard, crossed the middle ground, and headed for oncoming traffic. Surprisingly, the other drivers could hardly believe what they were seeing and quickly flooded the 911 with a baby Kia call.

A number of pedestrians jumped into action, some trying to break windows to gain access to stop the car. However, their efforts were in vain because Daniel’s Slushy Adventure would not end until a jeep crashed into Liberty.

He was fortunately OK, but authorities were less than happy and Butler County Children’s Services is reportedly investigating the incident. Daniel’s father, Brian Wittenbach, told the station, “My wife and I are not bad parents, and I’m sure people are going to label us that way.” He added that it could happen to anyone and it is difficult not to empathize with them.

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