A 229k-mile Lexus GX470 makes more money than spending $ 24,000 to fully recover

As newer vehicles become more dependent on technology, many people find themselves craving for older cars and trucks. This raises the question, though: How much do you want to spend to renew your old vehicle? For the owner of a 2006 Lexus GX470 with 229,074 miles (368,659 km) in Odo, the answer is $ 24,000, and while that may seem like a lot of money, it actually makes more sense than you initially thought.

The GX has proven to be a reliable, capable work vehicle for its owner for many years, so instead of spending money on the new one, it will spend it on rebuilding its existing car. In this way, not only does he save a significant amount of money, but he can enjoy all the characters that come with driving the old car, something that can be lost in the new models. For reference, the new GX that you will buy for বর্তমান 24k in the current market is still about 10 years old, or just five years new.

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A significant portion of the recovery budget was exhausted with engine improvements, reaching a total of $ 7,850 and covering both OEM parts replacement as well as the opportunity for several aftermarket upgrades. Improvements included a throttle body spacer, a cold air intake, and a cat-back exhaust, as well as a throttle body booster, new exhaust manifolds, a new AC compressor, a new timing belt, a new power steering pump and a new battery. .

In addition to the powertrain, the Lexus suspension also got a complete overhaul around. These include new upper and lower control arms, new bushing and ball additions, new hubs, new struts and strut mounts, and the conversion of the rear suspension from the airbag to the coil for better longevity. The underside of the vehicle was also washed with pressure to remove any existing rust and coating to prevent new rust from forming.

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Finally, there’s the cabin. At first glance, it may look like a well-restored GX interior, but it also has some unique touches of its own. In addition to re-upholstering and re-stuffing the seats, the SUV also has an imported Land Cruiser Prado steering wheel where the trimmed piano has been replaced with black. The rest of the interior trim was also wrapped in almost black to blend in with the leather. Rounding out the internal changes is a new handbrake, a new shift knob, and a new center console panel, as well as an aftermarket head unit.

To see the detailed walkaround of the SUV and all the details of the recovery process, you can watch the video below.

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