A set of Bugatti Chiran Super Sport front body panels listed for an absurd

We are certainly aware of the high cost of buying and maintaining the Bugatti, but the Internet amazes us with the independent list of OEM parts for Chiran. The most bizarre example we’ve seen so far is the photo front end assembly from the Chiron Super Sport 300+, which is listed for $ 399,999.

The kit has a front fender that integrates the bulk of the bumper, the bonnet and the bottom of the bumper. They are made of carbon fiber and come without color, so you can easily paint them with your car. According to a sticker on the bottom of the body panel with the Bugatti symbol, the panels were made in Austria, with a production date of September 2020.

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Paying close to half a million dollars for four body panels is unheard of, as there are plenty of supercars in that price range, including the Ferrari 296 GTB, McLaren Artura and Lamborghini Huracan Technica. However, this is what you will find when you are already working with a limited production special of the exclusive Hypercar.

The parts are compatible with the Chiron Super Sport 300+ which was produced in 30 units, and the similar but more luxurious Chiron Super Sport which was made with a production of 60 units a year later. Both variants cost around $ 3.9 million and have a different front end design from the regular Chiron and Chiranpur Sport, with a larger intake and rounded vents in the Fender.

Our colleagues at The Supercar Blog have discovered a listing of your Supercar along with other OEM parts on the Parts 4 USA website. In the Bugatti section, we found a lot of parts for the Chiron, including the $ 100k right front fender, the $ 50k front hood, the অংশ 79k grille bottom of the bumper and the $ 50k rear diffuser. The cheapest Chiron part is a standalone grill for 15k, while the same amount of money can get you a rear spoiler (wing only without active mechanism). Remember, we recently wrote about a chiropractic roof panel that was listed for $ 55k.

All of this inventory means we can start building a buggy piece by piece even though we are sure that the total cost will be much higher than buying from a mollusk factory.

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