Adro claims $ 5,500 Arrow-optimized Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Kit drag reduction

Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization (ADRO) today unveiled its ideas on the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. Improved with the thorough use of carbon fiber, the vehicles not only look more exciting than the factory, they are clearly improved in practice, too.

Customers can choose from a front lip, two side skirts, a back diffuser and a spoiler. All are made with super-premium dry prepregan carbon fiber instead of wet carbon. This makes the material stronger and lighter, at the cost of making it more expensive to manufacture.

For a company’s intention to produce high-quality race-ready parts, however, the decision was necessary and it was part of its commitment to performance. In fact, ADRO promises that it will benefit each vehicle with improved overall operation and greater acceleration. In particular, this means a 4.4 percent reduction for the Model Y and a 3.2 percent improvement for the Model 3.

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Shaun Yun, ADRO’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “At ADRO, our clients crave unique designs for them while improving both form and function. “Our focus is on creating a special vehicle aesthetic that matches their personality while serving to improve vehicle performance. For EV owners, efficiency is paramount, so ADRO Model 3 and Model Y customizations reduce drag with lightweight, durable, finely crafted carbon fiber, and improve aero efficiency.

The company said it is now accepting pre-orders for full Model Y and Model 3 carbon fiber customs and that parts are expected to be ready this summer.

Prices start at $ 68,490 for the fully modified Model Y and $ 52,490 for the similarly advanced Model 3. If you just want a body kit for which ADRO and pre-orders are accepted, they can be found for 5,500.

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