Alpha Motors REX looks pretty unrealistic (because it is)

Alpha Motor Corporation has previewed another EV that it wants to bring to market, this time dubbed REX and positioned as an electric utility vehicle.

Since the end of 2020, the electric car startup has showcased its Ace Coupe, Jax Coupe, Wolf Pickup, Wolf +, SuperWolf, Saga Sedan, and Saga Estate but REX is its first adventure in the world of off-road-centric SUVs.

Alpha says it wants to equip the REX with an 85 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which will give it a range of 275 miles (442 km). It will be “equipped with a four-wheel-drive system,” meaning it will probably have two electric motors, one to power the rear wheels and one to power the front wheels.

The REX measures 4,828 mm (190-inches) in length, 1,990 mm (78-inches) wide and 1,720 mm (68-inches) long and appears to be fully present in the virtual world, apparently with body-panel steel and lightweight body panels. Made from thermoplastic.

The car has a black bull bar in the front, a prominent skid plate, large driving lamp and headlights behind the steel grille. The front and rear wheel arches of the off-roader also burn aggressively, and the BF Goodrich is rendered with black wheels wrapped in mud-ground tires. As the Rugged SUVs go on, the REX certainly makes a bold visual statement, thanks to the blue part of the ‘Abbott Kini’, a collaboration between Los Angeles fashion brand Free and Easy.

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“Alpha is focusing on building the future of electric vehicles that we want to have,” the car company said in a statement. ‚ÄúCollaboration with Free & Easy reinforces California’s vibrant, creative, and diverse culture, which inspires adventure-seeking vehicles like JAX, WOLF, and now REX. With this vehicle, we are answering the final question, ‘Which electric car do you want to drive?’ Our answer is to drive responsible industrialization of our vision so that people can enjoy our cars, also known as ‘Move Humanity’.

The Alpha REX’s cabin supports bench configuration seating with rear seats that can be folded or removed completely. Alpha has designed REX for a digital speedometer, an infotainment display, climate and audio control with haptic response, two cupholders and a “digital sound system”.


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