Alpine A110 owners get tickets for speeding on a truck bed

Alpine’s A110 sports car may not be the most powerful mid-engine machine, but it is so fun to drive that you know you run the risk of getting a speeding ticket whenever you get behind the wheel. As one French owner discovered, however, you can get a ticket if there is no one behind the wheel, the engine shuts off, and the parking brake is applied firmly.

According to a Facebook post by EasyRad, the owner, like millions of drivers around the world, was an unwelcome recipient of a speeding ticket mailed to them, alleging that his car ran at 79 km / h at 05.39am on March 12. (49 mph) on a 70 km / h (44 mph) peripheric freeway that flows through Paris.

And of course, there was a picture to prove it, a picture clearly showing the white A110 showing the owner’s license plate (blurred in our picture for privacy purposes). But if anyone in the Paris police department bothered to investigate, they would notice a number of errors with their evidence.

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There is no one behind the wheel, to start with, and you can see from the tires that the car is not moving, or at least its wheels are not spinning. The presence of a tie-down strap and the metallic aspects of a trailer clearly indicate that the vehicle is being transported to another vehicle, or being pulled into a trailer. And on top of that, the camera must be set to capture from behind after passing drivers, yet the alpine is photographed from the front. So if it doesn’t reverse 44 miles per hour down a four-lane highway, it can’t be dynamic.

The camera in question is an unmanned morpho device, and you can bet that the whole process is automated, from taking pictures to issuing tickets. But someone must keep that ticket in an envelope and anyone failed to identify the error. Fortunately, it should be easy for an alpine owner to reverse this with all the evidence. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

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