Asahi Kasei AKXY2 concept has emerged as a futuristic and sustainable living room

Japan’s Asahi Kasei is celebrating their centenary by unveiling the AKXY2 concept.

Designed to revisit “how sustainability, satisfaction, and societal values ​​will affect future mobility needs in the path of automation and electrification”, the concept is a futuristic pod that shares some visual similarities with WinerMobile.

Putting this aside, the concept has a ‘split’ body with a neat lower part and an upper glass canopy. The latter ascends vertically, when a door is folded and enters the cabin.

The company doesn’t say much about the exterior, but it does have a narrow light unit and aerodynamic wheel cover that looks like a transparent insert. The model also rides on S-SBR tires, which are made from bio-based butadine and have low rolling resistance.

Future design continues in the cabin, as it has an Ottoman side as well as two separate seats with qubit cushions, a “3D mesh component made of PET and partially bio-based PTT”. Elsewhere, Dynamica microfiber furnishings include a small wooden table and a minimalist display. Since the model does not have a steering wheel and paddle, it is probably safe to assume that the concept is completely autonomous.

Technology features extend beyond the driving system because the concept is equipped with a healthy car portfolio of the company’s products. Features include an antimicrobial cloth and a CO2 sensor that works to ensure “optimal air quality”.

Highlights of durable textiles as well as semi-transparent and backlit fabrics are rounded. They’re joined by an optical fiber enclosed lighting system.

According to Asahi Kasei, director of North American Mobility in America, Mike Franchi, “AKXY2 demonstrates our expertise as a trusted partner of OEM and Tier-1s for both internal and external components and technologies.” He added that the company has come a long way in the last 100 years and that he “looks forward to seeing these contributions shape the automotive industry.”

The concept will be shown at several upcoming events, including the North American International Auto Show in September and CES in January.

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