Australia could soon be bright on dark road signs

The Australian government is launching a 24 245 million road safety program that includes some innovative new strategies to keep not only riders but also cyclists and pedestrians safe.

The most interesting aspect of the program is the implementation of photo-luminescent road markings that glow in the dark. Just like the plastic stars you used to put on the ceiling of your bedroom as a child, the street lines will look completely normal during the day, but once the night falls, they will shine like stars.

According to the state of Victoria, the innovation will help give motorists a “strong definition up to the intersection and curve” and greatly improve the response time to front road conditions.

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Victorian company Tarmac Linemarking has shared a picture of the trial run of Glow-in-the-Dark Road Marking on its Facebook page, which is at least impressive. Even in complete darkness, the road lines for applying a special finish are clearly visible.

Tarmac Linemarking says the new technology will “be an outstanding product for pedestrian and bike lanes, roads, boat ramps and many more applications.”

This will not only make it easier for drivers to stay in line at night, but also for cyclists and pedestrians Hopefully, the idea gets caught and it takes us to more parts of the world, because we don’t see any bad aspects of the more visible road lines.

In addition to photo-luminescent road lines, the government will also implement LED-light sidewalks and other more reflective road signs near intersections.

Photo courtesy Tarmac Linemarking Facebook

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