Bentley Continental GT and GTC S Sportier Styling, Unveiling with Loud Emission

Bentley has unveiled the S range for the Continental GT and GTC, focusing on sporty styling and driving pleasure following the comfort-based Azure trim.

The Bentley Continental GT and GTC SK are distinguished by black gloss exterior material, different wheels and regular variants for S badging on the front fender. More specifically, the body’s brightware is finished in black chrome with grille, headlight and taillight trims, side inserts, rear diffuser and quad tailpipe, excluding the Bentley badges that retain their glossy chrome.

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More importantly, there is a new set of 22-inch wheels that are finished in gloss black or pale broadgue satin, with a red brake caliper on the back. Alternatively, owners can choose a different set of 21-inch wheels with a tri-spoke design that is also exclusive to the S models.

The interior comes with a unique two-tone split for the S, including steering wheels, gear levers, seat cushions and Dynamica upholstery on the backrest, seat ballast, doors, instrument panels and Bentley leather cover on the center console. The sporty seats have optional quilting and the S symbol or Bentley symbol embroidered on the headrest. Other features include an illuminated tradeplate, new graphics for display and an S badge on the dashboard.

Although the letter S usually indicates more sport than standard, the GT and GTC S models offer no additional performance. These are exclusively available with the V8 engine, perhaps to avoid confusion with the W12-powered speed variant. The twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 produces the same 542 hp (405 kW / 550 PS) and 770 Nm (568 lb-ft) torque, allowing 0-100 km / h (0-62 mph) 4 seconds acceleration. The only change is the sound of sports exhaust. Also the standard of the S trim is the Bentley Dynamic Ride 48V enabled anti-roll system that improves handling while improving road comfort.

Bentley Continental has not announced prices for the GT and GTC S but we expect that due to the aforementioned upgrade it will be slightly higher than your regular V8-powered Continental. We don’t know if Crewe-based automaker plans to expand the S trim to more V8-powered models, but we won’t be surprised if they do.

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