Bentley has opened a new dealership in Oslo with a Flying Spar hybrid front and

The Norwegian capital city is now fascinated by the presence of one of the world’s largest luxury brands.

A new Bentley dealership in Oslo, Norway has officially opened its doors, and Bentley’s presence in the Scandinavian country is something that the brand says is consistent with its Beyond100 strategy, as Norway, like Bentley, prioritizes environmental sustainability and moves towards electrification. Autonomous world. Christian Gottschalk, principal dealer at Bentley Oslo, says the Beyond100 strategy is important to the Norwegian market, and both Bentley and its Norwegian customers are excited to see the brand’s acceleration in electrification.

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This was made clear at the grand opening celebration of Bentley Oslo, as the show began with a Bentley Flying Spar hybrid, the second Bentley model that is electrified and currently the most efficient and economical Bentley, including the Beluga interior in Patina. With the same functionality as the available V8 and W12 engines, the hybrid offers uncompromising luxury, performance and efficiency. Other cars on display at the opening were a Bentiaga hybrid and the 1958 S1 Continental Flying Spar, the first bespoke four-door Continental that inspired the look of today’s Flying Spar sedan. With a big opening celebration, Norwegian Bentley fans can look forward to a luxurious and innovative future with the brand at their doorstep.

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