BMW promises that playtime is coming while teasing the 2023 M2 in the new video

BMW has released a new video teasing the upcoming M2 coupe. Unfortunately focusing on the details, the company notes that the BMW M “is celebrating its 50th birthday, and you will receive gifts.”

The spot, which invites people to “get ready to play”, rarely shows the car without a few frames of a dark M2 drifting and a very short shot of its interior, though one focuses primarily on the driver. In fact, the video taps into M2’s reputation as a source of pleasure rather than its usefulness as a track weapon.

BMW announced last month that M2 would be made exclusively at its plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. At the time, it “promises to further BMW’s excellent dynamic performance, with advanced engineering that allows it to combine the capabilities of competing vehicles with ease of use in everyday driving.”

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Although our spy photographers caught the M2 test a few times, the company put a shroud on the car with the camouflage, so many details remain secret. Recent photos, however, show several large hungry vents in the front of the car

Like the updated 2-Series coupe, the M2 is expected to have BMW’s new curved screen. It combines instrument clusters and infotainment screens into one huge unit and is now available in BMW’s German configuration.

While we expect the M2 to be powered by a 3.0-liter Straight-Six, how much power it will generate remains a mystery. The car can produce anywhere from 430 hp (436 PS / 321 kW) to 490 hp (497 PS / 365 kW) depending on the trim. An automatic and manual transmission should be available and BMW can offer cars with rear- and all-wheel-drive.

BMW has not yet specified when it will unveil the 2023 M2, although it has said it will begin production this year. So we would expect the car to be introduced comparatively soon. As the M Division celebrates its 50th anniversary, the company may wrap it up in a celebration event such as Goodwood or 24 Hours of Nবারrburging.

A still from the video apparently showing the headlights of the M2

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