Bugatti has released its second ‘UYN for Bugatti’ clothing and footwear collection

Bugatti in the garage is the perfect style addition to complement Chiron.

The Bugatti name symbolizes the pinnacle of luxury and performance, using the exclusive line of multi-million dollar hypercars as a product of craftsmanship and innovation. In addition to working to create a one-of-a-kind driving experience, Bugatti has established a luxurious lifestyle in collaboration with other industry leaders to help diversify the portfolio of French automotive brands. Following the success of their final release, Bugatti is proud to announce a new collection of luxury clothing and footwear with UYN (Unleash Your Nature) fashion experts.. For the Bugatti collection, UYN focuses on blending high-performance outdoor clothing with Bugatti’s long-standing tradition. Using the iconic blue, white, black and red colors of each brand, the collection also includes historical details such as Bugatti’s distinctive C-line.

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The clothing collection includes performance jackets, pull-overs, polo and T-shirts, made from Bugatti’s famous logos and high-quality badges sporting materials. In addition to the new apparel, UYN also introduces a footwear line for the Bugatti collection, which is divided into SPEED and PACE sections. The SPEED style features a 3D knit-on-piece top with a patented air dual system, giving the sneaker silhouette a bold and dynamic style. The PACE model is made entirely of socks according to an exclusive production strategy for UYN. Ultra-elastic, slip-on and seamless, PACE shoes wrap around the foot with exceptional comfort and naturally fit its body. The new UYN for the Bugatti Collection is available exclusively at all UYN stores as well as on the official UYN website. See all examples of current Bugatti for sale in the Dupont Registry by clicking on the link below. Check back at the Dupont Registry for more upcoming Luxury Gear releases and Hypercar news.

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