Bugatti partners with UYN to create hypercar-inspired clothing and footwear

Bugatti and UYN announced today that they will again collaborate on a second collection of clothing items. This time around, it will feature 10 garments that combine high-tech materials with timeless designs.

UYN (Unleash Your Nature) is an Italian apparel manufacturer whose items have been worn by Olympic athletes and who prides themselves on inventing its components. For its latest partnership with Bugatti, it has tried to incorporate Automaker’s signature design aesthetic apparel at UYN for the Bugatti collection.

For example, the shoes in the collection have a “horseshoe” sole It has a shock-absorbing midsole and high-grip rubber tread in a familiar U-shape and is inspired by Bugatti’s grill. UYN claims that it actually gives its new shoe higher traction across all terrain.

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The shoes are made from a bio-fiber called Notex, which is made from castor oil seeds. This makes it 25 percent lighter than petroleum-based materials and means it dries 50 percent faster. It’s a naturally odor-fighting, which is a nice bonus.

Other garments are made with equally advanced materials. Cotton T-shirts and polo shirts are made using a 3D net haloflex technique for better elasticity and breathability, while rain jackets use a sophisticated material made of waterproof (10,000mm water column) and airtight fabric.

Also included in the collection is a medium layer with a full length zip and a sheepskin lining for the colder months. The padded vest already has an elegantly quilted material, and the padded jacket combines sleeves and shoulders with 3D knit fabric and haloflex technology, similar to a T-shirt.

Its design, with its rounded shoulders extending to the rear, makes it look like a distinctive C-line that defines the Bugatti vehicle. The colors of the collection – blue, white, red and black – are also a reference to the aesthetics of the brand.

Webbke Stahl, Managing Director of Bugatti International, said: “Every product that carries the famous Bugatti Macaron reflects aspects of our beautiful mark. “The new ‘UYN for BUGATTI’ collection combines high-end clothing and sophisticated designs to give our customers a sense of luxurious comfort. In the same way that our HyperSports cars integrate technology seamlessly, our new collaboration products with UYN achieve the same. “

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