Buick Electra-X EV concept has been teased, will debut in China early next month

Buick teased the concept of the Electra-X before its debut in China early next month.

Designed to preview upcoming production models, the Electra-X “takes Buick’s innovative thinking and vision of future electrical mobility to the next level.”

The company is keeping the details secret, but it’s clear it’s not your grandfather’s book. Instead of the traditional waterfall grille, the concept has a sporty front fascia that vividly recalls the one found in the Ferrari Roma.

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As you can see, the Electra-X has an elongated nose that rests on a fully enclosed grille with a geometric pattern. It is joined by a flowing front bumper, a sculpted hood, and slender headlights with swoosh-style accents.

The overhead image reveals some more details, including a digital side mirror and a distinctive A-column with a black stripe at the base. It’s a bold look for the brand, and Buick says the concept has “unique and visionary styling, including an airy interior”.

Interestingly, the Electra-X looks different from the unnamed Buick EV concept that was teased in February. That model will be introduced this summer with a variety of boomerang-shaped headlights.

Returning to the Chinese concept, Buick has confirmed that the model will ride on the Ultium platform and will feature a “virtual cockpit system” alongside the Super Cruise. The brand said the concept was “designed to provide a safer, smarter and more desirable EV experience, based on Buick’s deep understanding and insights from local customers towards electrification and intelligent driving.”

Although several questions remain, Buick launched an Electra concept in Shanghai two years ago. It is an electric crossover coupe with a butterfly wing door as well as a dual motor all-wheel drive system that pumps 583 hp (435 kW / 591 PS). This enables the concept to accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 km / h) in 4.3 seconds.

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