Buick is only committed to the EV-future and has confirmed the Electra name for the EV

Buick promises to be an all-electric brand by the end of this decade. In anticipation of its electric transformation, Buick unveiled a new logo and brand identity and confirmed that it would use Electra nameplates for its upcoming EVs, the first to arrive in North America in 2024.

The new badge will be rolled out in 2023, representing the most significant change since 1990. This removes the rounded element, emphasizing the tri-slope which has been enlarged and aligned horizontally. Buick says the fluid design of the tri-slope foreshadows the styling of future models.

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The brand identity has been expanded accordingly with new typography and an updated color palette, elements that will expand into the physical and digital features of the book in the next 12-16 months.

Buick’s new design language is shown in the new Wildcat EV concept. Sharon Gaussi, executive director of Global Book and GMC Design, said: “Our upcoming products will embrace a new design language that emphasizes a smooth, dynamic and visionary look. Our outer parts will include fluid movements that contrast with tension in terms of motion. Maintain a balance of modern design, new technology and attention to detail to evoke internal warmth and a rich sensory experience. ”

Moving on to the name Electra, its return to production models has been rumored for some time now, as it is strongly associated with Buick’s past and seems to be quite suitable for EVs. In the modern era, it was first used by the 2020 Buick Electra concept, with a trademark filing in 2021 and a new Electra-X concept teaser in 2022.

Finally, Buick has announced “a more seamless connectivity experience” for its US models, as they will now be offered with a three-year Unstar and Connected Services premium plan. All Buicks’ standard tools will include features such as remote key fob, Wi-Fi data, and Unstar security services.

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