Buick’s GL8 Century for China is a huge TV with side order of minivans

Unless they’re building an F1-powered Espace Renault or Hellcat-powered Pacifica YouTuber Tavarish built in the 1990s, minivans are rarely great, stylish or desirable. But Buick hopes that his new GL8 Century will do those things, if at a more sedentary pace.

Fully unveiled alongside the Wildcat EV concept, the sharp-looking MPV brings back Buick’s floor-centered badge to mark the flagship version of its GL8 series, which will continue to include the old-style GL8 ES and GL8 legacy. Measuring 205.9 inches (5,230 mm) from nose to tail, the Century is as long as a luxury sedan, and even more impressive thanks to a new face that showcases the language of Buick’s latest design.

The bold grille extends almost to the hood, and is paired with a set of distinctive arrow-shaped headlights that give the GL8 a dynamic look that you wouldn’t associate with an MPV. But the two-tone paint indicates that Century must be more focused on providing luxury than performance, as is clear when you slide open the back door.

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Buick says the folded seats in the second row are wider and more comfortable than the previous chairs, and the headrest has a built-in Bose sound system for a immersive audio experience that the company compares to a concert hall. But the Century’s entertainment system will not only amaze your ears as it also has a huge screen that completely separates the first and second row seats. Described as a foldable smart screen, it can be raised by tapping on the center armrest touchscreen.

And if passengers can’t find anything to look forward to, they can always recline on their thrones and rest on a Rolls-Royce-style night sky headliner, which the company claims recreates the romance of travel. And let’s face it – the great thing about Van is that there’s plenty of room for romance. But if you have fallen in love with the concept of the century, be prepared to break your heart if you do not live in China. This is a book that will definitely not come to North America.

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