Cadillac GTP Hypercar, Crazy F-150 Lightning Markups, 2024 Tesla Cybertracks

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Biden administration proposes new electric charging standard to make EVs easier to use, fair for all drivers

Electrification plans for countries on both sides of the Atlantic have taken important steps this week. The EU has voted to maintain its de-facto ban on combustible vehicles since 2035, when the US government announced that it wants to set some basic rules to ensure that its $ 7.5 billion charging infrastructure budget is spent wisely.

Cadillac Project GTP Hypercar Wild Prototype Racer powered by a new V8

The Cadillac project is returning to the global racing stage with the GTP Hypercar, which will compete in 2023 with both IMSA and WEC. Testing will begin this summer and a competition debut for the Rolex 24 is scheduled for January 2023 in Daytona.

See the interior of the latest Tesla Cybertrack prototype with an independent instrument cluster

Tesla’s legendary, much-delayed cybertruck is still more than a year away from production, but its new dashboard layout and a recent glimpse of the hinged “switchblade” windshield wiper give us a better idea of ​​what to expect in the end.

The former BMW M boss showed off the M4 with an M-shaped C-through hood

Transparent engine lids are common in the supercar world, but should BMW let M4 buyers show off their motors as well? Former BMW M boss, Marcus Flash thinks so, but BMW itself says that the C-through hood is one-off.

Much to Ford’s caution, dealers warn against ridiculous F-150 lightning price markup

An Internet story about a dealer’s $ 69k markup in Lightning was legitimately interpreted by Ford PR boss Mike Levine as an administrative error, but we’ve found evidence of $ 30-40k premium added to the greed of other dealers across the country.

How does the manual 2023 compare to Toyota GR Supra GR86?

A manual gearbox option and a huge cost savings were two big reasons to buy the 86’s Supra over the big brother until Toyota announced that the Supra was also getting a three-pedal setup. Which is the funniest? Top Gear gave a double workout on his left leg to come up with an answer.

The high-performance Ferrari SF90 has been tested in the new Hypercar mule as well

After drawing some attention to the bottom of its range with the launch of the 296 GTB and GTS, Ferrari is now focusing on something more powerful. Spy photographers have seen a pistachio / special version of the SF90 hybrid test, as well as an early mule for the successor to the LaFerry Hypercar.

Record high gas prices run out of fuel funds at Michigan Sheriff’s Office, limiting response

Looks like this is a good time to get worse in Isabella County. Sheriff Michael Maine instructed deputies to “try to handle calls whatever is acceptable over the phone” so that they do not have to go out to respond to calls in person.

And what news making

Hip-hop legend J-Z and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey have launched their bitcoin academy in a public housing complex.

The idea is to give disadvantaged people the ability to make their way to financial freedom, but some, including TechCrunch journalists, have questioned whether billionaire-funded crypto education is really needed by low-income people.

Your car is tracking you just as much as your smartphone and your data are at risk

Whether we drive from a busy city or home in the middle of the desert to the store, our cars are collecting and sharing information about us, with potentially dire legal consequences, Drive Report

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