California police find Mercedes involved in James Bond-style theft

Police seize a Mercedes-Benz from two theft suspects after receiving a tip from a resident in Irvine, California, not surprisingly (unfortunately), however, the MI5-level gadgets they used and which Q would be proud of, including a push-button Rotating license plate.

“The suspicious car was something outside the @ 007 cinema [sic]”Officers have discovered a device that can overturn a vehicle’s license plate at the push of a button,” said Irwin Police Department.

In addition to that colorful description, the department also posted a short clip of the device. In the video, you can move away as soon as the car overturns under the frame of the license plate.

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Image Irwin PD

The device, probably used to change the plate if the police are looking for the car, Mercedes has a rather distinctive wheel, but it remains a nifty small part of the technology. In fact, two suspects were arrested because a resident “recognized a suspicious vehicle” that they thought might have been involved in a previous car theft and called police.

In addition to the plate, police further said the vehicle was fitted with a gas siphoning device that transfers fuel directly from another vehicle to the vehicle’s gas tank. Apparently, the price of gas is so high that even thieves are feeling the bite … especially in California where the average today has reached the $ 6.1 per gallon mark.

Also, the C-Class is said to contain stolen equipment, stolen property and evidence of identity theft. Two suspects have been arrested from Garden Grove and charged with car theft, vehicle theft, identity theft, possession of stolen property and possession of stolen equipment.

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Image Irwin PD

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