Carvana’s problems are compounded by the loss of a car sales license in Illinois Over

This is an exciting 2022 start for Carvana and a new ruling in Illinois will only make its future more difficult. After nearly 90 complaints to the state about title and registration, Carvana is now barred from selling any more vehicles in Illinois until it resolves these issues.

The Illinois State Police Department actually began investigating heading and registration issues in February of this year, Crane’s Chicago Business reports. It was through that investigation that the signed allegations were verified and then used as the basis for the stay order. The state says it has found some Carvana customers who have waited four to six months for proof of ownership.

Buyers who have already purchased a car through Carvana in Illinois will still be able to pick it up, but no new sales will be approved until further notice. For his part, Carvana has already responded to the suspension.

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“Carvana has served as a licensed dealer and good corporate citizen in the state of Illinois for several years and we strongly disagree with the state’s characterization of both the facts and the law that led to this move,” a Carvana spokesman said in a statement.

“We are working actively with the states to resolve this issue, and they have agreed that we will continue to supply the vehicles we have already purchased. We look forward to resolving this issue with minimal disruption to customers, “they continued.

Of course, this is not incredibly helpful for those who have already received tickets to Illinois for expired registration. Illinois Police Department spokesman Henry Haupt told Autonnews that the victims would have to pay the fines and would work with Secretary of State Carvana to compensate them.

He added that there was no specific date or timeline for when the suspension would be revoked. The used-car sales business needs to “solve hand problems” first. This is the latest in a series of somewhat negative pressures for Carvana.

In Florida, Carvana avoided a suspension just after resolving the vast majority of about 400 unnecessary title applications in February. It also reported a loss of $ 506 million in the first quarter of 2022 Now we need to see how this latest blow affects its long-term success

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