Check out the interior of the latest Tesla Cybertruck prototype with an independent

The infamous Tesla Cybertrack was recently spotted playing a new windshield wiper blade and showing off its interior.

Pacific Gas and Electric at Moss Landing in California may not have been the cause of the electric pickup for the event on their new Elkhorn battery energy storage system, but it was certainly the focal point. The facility uses Tesla megapack batteries to store the extra power generated by the renewable source.

The new “switchblade” wiper replaces the truck-mounted giant wiper on Cyber ​​Radio in Texas, which was on full display for everyone to see. The wiper is much smaller than the valuable wiper and does not even seem to cover the entire surface area of ​​the windshield. However, like the rest of the car, its operation can be confidential. A closer look reveals a hinge in the middle, suggesting that it may be exposed like a switchblade knife.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks about the operation of the blade: “The wiper hurts me the most. There is no easy solution. Deployment wipers that fit in the front trunk would be ideal, but complex. “

Unless the wiper is federally cleaned of certain surface areas, it will exceed safety standards for production, regardless of its design.

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In addition to the Trick Blade, the interior of the upcoming electric truck was photographed in full view for the first time. KSBW 8, Giving us the best look at what to expect in the production version. The first thing that strikes us is the yoke-style steering wheel from the Model S and Model X, but for some reason the airbags have been removed.

Another new detail is the addition of the instrument cluster, which now sits directly in front of the driver under the trapezoid-shaped bump on the dashboard. Front-end windows are also visible, and hopefully wedge-shaped machines will improve visibility.

When the Cybertruck was unveiled in 2019, it had no wiper blades or mirrors at all. An expected release date for the electric truck was 2021, but production was postponed to 2023 due to delays.

Photo courtesy Jarrett Knapp KSBW 8

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