Check out this Pontiac Trans Am Get the first wash after 27 years

For one reason or another, cars are sometimes abandoned for long periods of time. This is what happened in the case of the 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, which has had its first wash in 27 years since sitting untouched in the garage since 1995.

The talented people at AMMO Details have stopped this recovery, and as usual, they have done a great job. The car was already in relatively good condition as it spent its 27 years of hibernation in a fully enclosed garage, but the team still had a lot of work ahead of them.

The first step was to vigorously wash away the dust, dirt, and cobwebs of the year outside Pontiac. Once this is done, you can already see the paint start to burn again. The paint, wheels and engine were then baked with soap. After letting it get a little wet, the soap was washed and the wheels were removed to clean the undercarriage. This involves first removing all loose dirt, then rinsing properly with soap and distilled water. Before returning to the body, the wheel well area has also undergone a deep cleansing treatment.

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For the body, the first order of business was to do a touch wash to remove any stuck dirt that had not been removed from the initial touchless wash. Once the car was clean and dry, the depth of paint was measured to determine how much could be fixed, and surprisingly, it was extremely thin. It was decided that there was a way to go one-step polish, but even that minimal work made a difference in the paint finish. The final step in the exterior was to polish the paint-coated hubcaps from the car.

Before moving inside the firebird, before the actual cleaning, all the loose dirt had to be removed. Once this was taken care of, the light surface mold was removed with a special cleaner, then the interior was cleaned with a gentle foam and steam vacuum to animate the upholstery. Finally, the detached seatback fabric was re-glued and the interior was completely disinfected.

Once everything was done, the wheels were thoroughly cleaned, the hubcaps were reinstalled using a paint sealant to protect the newly recovered finish, and the tire dressing was applied. To see the incredible recovery work for yourself, you can watch the video below.

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