Chevrolet 2023 Bolt EV and EUV reduced to 6,300

Chevrolet 2023 lowered the price of the Bolt EV and UV while the price of most new cars rose to record highs.

Clearly keen to boost sales of two electric vehicles after a catastrophic 2021 plagued by withdrawals, General Motors has announced that the 2023 Bolt EV will start at $ 26,595, including the destination, a whopping, 5,900 less than the 2022 model. The 2023 Bolt EUV is also priced at $ 28,195, down 6,300.

There are two variants of Bolt EV and Bolt UV. Although the entry-level EV 1LT starts at 29,595, those with a little more luxury can choose the 2LT, starting at $ 29,795, which is $ 5,900 less than last year. For the Bolt UV, its entry-level LT has been added to the Premier from $ 32,695.

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Speaking of price reductions, a spokesman for General Motors said that this reflects the company’s “ongoing desire to ensure that the Bolt EV / EUV is competitive in the market. As we have said, affordability for this vehicle has always been a priority.”

No mechanical changes were made to the Bolt EV and UV for the 2023 model year. As such, they continue to feature an electric motor pumping 200 hp. The Bolt EV is good for an EPA-approximately 259 miles (417 km) range where slightly larger EUVs can travel up to 247 miles (397 km) on a single charge.

A new addition to the 2023 model year is the availability of the Redline version for the Bolt EUV. This look package looks like a car equipped with various pieces of black wheels and red trim.

Chevrolet recalls every single instance it has made in less than two months since it resumed production of the 2023 model.

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