Chevy Silverrado Pickup Smashed by Semi in Burnt Freeway Crash

A Minnesota woman and her baby escaped unhurt after a semi-trailer sped off their disabled Chevrolet Silverrado pickup truck on a busy freeway last week.

Tragic footage shows the red pickup stationary in the middle of a three-lane I-35, before a black semi tries to drive directly through it, causing the pickup to explode as it is thrown under a nearby exit ramp.

Fortunately, 42-year-old Susan Norberg and her 12-year-old honest daughter escaped unharmed on Freeway’s shoulder before the collision. The driver of the Semi was also reportedly not injured in the crash, although both vehicles were wrecked.

If you’re wondering why the woman didn’t take her truck to the side of the road when she realized there was an error, instead of stopping it in the center lane, we did. But Star Tribune The news website revealed that the woman’s truck hit a deer on the freeway, closing the airbags that blocked her vision and paralyzing the car after it stopped.

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Official Minnesota police guidelines say stranded residents should call for help but stay in their vehicles as they risk getting out and putting themselves in danger and trying to run over live traffic lanes where other vehicles are traveling at high speeds. But fortunately the pickup passengers did not heed that warning.

“I could hear cars passing by,” Norberg said Star Tribune. “I think, ‘We’re going to hit here.’ I just wanted to get out of the truck because I was scared. “

Like Norberg’s honest daughter, who fought to get off her seatbelt and then panicked and couldn’t leave the truck at first. A few minutes after the two were built on the side of the road, Silverado collapsed in front of their eyes.

We can only guess where the trucker’s eyes were in the moments leading up to the collision. Police aren’t saying, but until he had a medical emergency, you have to think he was texting, or flipping through the navigation system, as the video shows he didn’t try to brake or drive around Chevy despite being on the left – the hand lane is completely congested. .

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