Could this stunning sub 9-5 sandoff end up being a deal steal?

While there are some signs that the used car market is starting to cool, rare cars seem to be on the rise. Interestingly though, a very rare and very attractive Saab 9-5 sedan with low mileage can be a rare exception to the rule. With just a few hours left, it sits at 15,000.

This is a 2011 sub 9-5 and it’s special because it was the last year of production before the sub folding and finally sold out. Just before that, the 9-5 was the first new car to be released owned by Dutch automaker Spyker although it was built and largely completed under GM ownership. And yes, this is the same spiker that made Supercar before it was too folded.

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Still, there is more to see here. It’s not just a sub 9-5. The top-of-the-line Turbo6 is a 300 hp 2.8-liter V6 powered optional all-wheel-drive system that uses a Haldex unit equipped with a clutch pack with a standard rear electronic limited-slip differential. This is a special package even if it is not the final year of production.

Inside this sub, you’ll find a technology package that includes a semi-digital gauge cluster with adaptive cruise control, self-leveling headlights and graphics that can come out of a fighter jet. The interior itself looks gorgeous overall. The seats are in great shape and have multiple adjustments to the front, the rear parts are clean and nicely sturdy and there is also a panoramic sunroof.

The owner even included a window sticker showing that the original MSRP was $ 54,735. That’s a long way from the $ 15,000 bid that it now has. The biggest thing is that this car has only 11,400 miles (about 18,350 km) in odometer. There have been no major accidents in its history.

Of course, this may not be the easiest vehicle for the source of the parts but in many ways, it is a time capsule of a brand that could be something even bigger. The auction will end today, Friday, May 20, at about 4 pm EST EST so if you are in the market for something rare and worth running every day, it may be stolen until you calm down looking for parts.

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