Custom BMW Z4 with Alfa Romeo grille and wheels found hidden in Villa D’Est

Many interesting vehicles were on display at Villa D’Est in 2022, but the title of the strange creation goes to the illustrated example seen in Helen Walkerley’s parking lot. This previous generation BMW Z4 has been retrofitted with an Alfa Romeo grille, icon and phone-dial wheel set, leaving the car identification portion of our brain defective.

Most of the yellow Z4 signature has been stripped from the BMW element and trimmed with the signature kidney grille. The lower parts on the front bumper retain their BMW M shape, but the situation is completely different in the center, where a black-Scudeto grille has been replaced by an Alfa Romeo Giulia.

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Photo by Helen Walkerley

The end result looks very close to the OEM standard, with a regular size panel gap and a nice paint finish on the bumper that retains the front parking sensor. Furthermore, the V-shaped dynamic lines on the Z4’s long bonnet point toward the Alfa Romeo badge, and the angle of the headlights matches the side of the Scudeto grille. Honestly, most non-car people can easily mistake this mashup as a regular production model.

Looking at the profile, the Z4’s Alfa Romeo alloy wheels with five-hole design in RWD roadster proportions look great, especially in contrast to the sculpture’s bright yellow and red calipers with a gray finish. Finishing mods is a “Roadstar” sticker with the Alpha Romeo symbol on the fender and a fancy font.

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Photo by Helen Walkerley

Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of the rear edge, but we assume that a simple Alpha Romeo symbol and spider lettering will do the job. While a Busso V6 engine may be the perfect choice for making this bespoke, we seriously suspect that there is no mechanical mode. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Remember, a decade ago, Italian design house Zagato Coop and Roadstar presented their own tech against the BMW Z4 in both flavors, which came with a completely redesigned body and lighting unit. Still, they were concept cars and brought regular BMW badges and a kidney grill.

Creation makes us think that if BMW partnered with Alfa Romeo for a new Spider, what would you think? Judging by the reactions to the last generation BMW Z4 closely related to the Toyota GR Supra, it is probably a good thing that this Italian-German marriage only exists as a custom build, but you can have your say in the comments below.

Thanks Helen Walkerley For photos!


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