Do you want a LaFerrari enough to cut an Audi R8 V10 spider?

I’m willing to bet, oh, the price of a nice Mk1 Audi R8 V10 Spyder that most of you will be happy to get Audi’s drop-top supercars in your garage. Okay, so it’s not a LaFerrari, but being the cousin of Lamborghini Gallardo, it’s got supercar credits and it’s fast and great. But not cold enough for a South African R8 owner who decided to turn his R8 into a Lafarge.

Cutting down an old Fiero, Toyota MR2, Peugeot 406, or Ford / Mercury Cougar and abandoning them as Italian supercars, as has been done many times over the years, is one thing. But slaughtering a car like the R8 V10, which is basically a supercar, is a different matter, especially since even the most expensive beat-up donor will probably give you back more than $ 60,000.

Of course you would consider it worthwhile if the result was a completely reliable portrait of a Ferrari that would cost you over $ 2.5 million. And unlike many Ferrari LookLike, this R8-based car delivers the right amount of noise and thanks to the 525 hp (532 PS) 5.2-liter V10 engine. But this transformation is not entirely credible.

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This is certainly not the worst conversion we’ve ever seen, and from some angles, you could say that if it passed you by while sitting in a good six beers outside a bar, you could be a fool for a moment. Although not an exact copy, the rear end looks good and the front end is simply damaged by the wrong shaped light. But when it comes to profile views, it goes to hell on a V10-powered handcart. The wheels and windows are completely wrong, and the wheelbase looks too small, which is strange, because the Audi and Ferrari measure the same 104.3 inches (2.65 meters) between the axles.

And, of course, you’ve got that perennial replica bugbear, interior. Steering wheel hubs can’t fool anyone by pressing a printing horse’s logo, but at least the basic Audi R8 cabin is a good one. Although the seller said some interior work is required, such as the door hinge, which is apparently too weak to support the butterfly door.

It’s easy to hate a car like this, but I don’t think it’s as ugly as some commentators think, and as always, I can’t help but appreciate the effort it has taken to get this far. At least it should be fun to drive. But there is something else that can give you a break for thinking. The car is being advertised on the Facebook Marketplace for 650,000 South African rand, equivalent to just $ 41,577, and much less than what you would pay for an original R8 V10 spider. This is less than what some people ask for a Ferrari replica made from much less foreign donors.

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