Dodge’s power broker dealerships focus on car enthusiasts

Dodge is keen to replicate the excitement it has created in the social media world through its dealerships in the United States. To do this, it has launched its Power Brokers Dealership Network.

The carmaker has an older fleet of cars than its competitors but continues to enjoy clever model years and performance upgrades, a strong social media following and strong sales for flashy advertising aimed at young car enthusiasts. Speaking recently, Dr. Auto NewsDodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said the updated dealer network is the latest step in connecting Dodge with enthusiasts as a brand.

The Power Brokers Dealership Network was launched in March and has 100 stores in 34 states across the country. These dealerships offer excellent customer service and exclusively handle Dodge’s direct connection range of performance parts that can be installed without affecting any vehicle warranty.

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LaFontaine is one of the Chrysler-Dodge-Zip-Ram power broker dealerships in Fenton, Michigan. Only the most dedicated car enthusiasts working at the dealer can join the Power Brokers team and have to undergo extensive and detailed training courses.

“There are more than 40 brands in the mainstream market,” Kuniskis said while speaking Auto News About the program. ‚ÄúThere are more than 300 nameplates here. There is a wide overlap. So if you don’t have an identity … you’re just going to recycle the same people who are within the brand and like the brand, and you will never, ever, ever grow and you will never be able to change the brand’s position. “

Joining the Dodge program does not require a dealership to make an expensive investment, and marketing campaigns will help promote the program, Kuniskis added.

“I’m going to launch my marketing lens, which is a few million dollars and 3 million people are coming to the website every month. I’m going to launch that lens on you,” he told dealers. “And I’m going to tell those 3 million people every month who are coming to my website, I’m going to tell them to come and see you.”

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