Electric Mercedes-Benz C-Class equivalent coming in 2024 as Tesla Model 3

The EQ range of all-electric Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles is rapidly expanding into more segments, but the automaker has yet to unveil a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3, BMW i4 and Polyester 2. That should change in 2024. The electric equivalent of the C-Class, probably the Dub Three EQC sedan, will benefit from the technology displayed in the EQXX concept.

The small electric sedan in the EQ range will not be based on the closely related EQE and EQS sedans and SUVs based on the EVA platform, nor will it be based on the ICE-powered C-Class range MRA II platform. Instead, it will use the upcoming MMA (Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture), which will debut in 2024. The platform will underpin the “entry luxury” family of compact models, but it is also likely to be used in medium-sized models. In the “core luxury” family. Ola Calenius, CEO of Mercedes, said the MMA would be compatible with ICE-powered vehicles, but described it as “electric first”, indicating that the BEV was a priority.

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The current Mercedes-Benz C-Class lineup includes sedans, estate and all-terrain bodystyles.

Currently, Mercedes is not offering a four-door EV under the 4,946 mm (194.7 inch) long EQE sedan. Thus, the only option for those interested in small electric sedans is the C-Class C300e plug-in hybrid, which comes with an EV range of 109 km (68 miles) which is quite impressive for the segment. Still, according to Autocar, Mercedes needs a suitable EV to compete with a plethora of other automakers competing models.

Despite being a prototype, the Vision EQXX concept, unveiled in 2021, is a fully functional and road legal vehicle that has been demonstrated by recent public road tests. The idea was never intended for production, but Mercedes has confirmed that its technology will pave the way for future production vehicles.

In the same vein, Mercedes’ chief technology officer, Marcus Schaefer, admits that the EQXX looks very close to the “series car we’re going to see in 2024”. Although the C-Class’s electrical equivalent will integrate several components from EQXX, the production model will need to be longer for easy entry / exit, have a larger footprint for a wider cabin, and feature more conventional styling. Satisfy a larger customer base. It is expected to receive the new Mercedes-Benz operating system (MB.OS), improving connectivity features.

In terms of powertrain, the MMA-based model will probably be fitted with a new type of efficient electric motor and battery with increased power density. Combined with weight-saving measurements and a very aerodynamic shape, these features may be one of the segment’s highest electrical ranges, although not as impressive as the 1,008 km (626 miles) real-world-proven figure of the EQXX concept. This allows the model to be faster in terms of straight-line performance and probably serves as the basis for a warmer AMG variant.

We will learn more about the rival of the Mercedes-branded Tesla Model 3 next year as we move closer to its debut in 2024. We anticipate that disguised prototypes will be last seen by 2023, which gives an indication of our silhouette of the new EV. By 2025, each model in the Mercedes-Benz lineup will have an electrical equivalent.

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