Electric Mercedes-Benz EQG can turn revian-style tanks

Mercedes-Benz is working hard to create an all-electric version of the iconic G-Class and previews an interesting feature.

The branded ‘G-Turn’, EQG has the ability to turn the tank, rotating in a circle on a loose surface. A short video of the feature was shown during Automaker’s recent strategy conference and has since found its way online.

We know that the EQG will use the same basic ladder frame as the regular G-Class, and the presence of four electric motors has made the tank turn feature possible. Rivian was the first automaker to create such a system for an EV, such as the R1T pickup. However, electrical startups have not yet introduced the feature in customer-specific models.

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Mercedes-Benz previewed the EQG with an all-electric concept at last year’s Munich Motor Show. This is supposed to be a close representation of what the production model will look like, which means it will retain that iconic G-Class look but will be updated with some EQ design elements such as illuminated grille and two-tone color options. The concept featured a set of unique wheels and was a storage box where extra wheels would normally be located.

The technical specifications about the production model are hidden but we know that it will hit the market for the 2024 model year. Mercedes-Benz has not yet confirmed which EQG will be available in any market but it seems inevitable that the United States will be one of them.


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