Elon Musk has denied sexually harassing a flight attendant on a private jet

Elon Musk dismissed a tweet on Thursday denying claims that he sexually abused a flight attendant working on a private jet in 2016.

Musk described the first published allegations as “completely untrue” Business InsiderWhich further claims that Musk’s SpaceX company paid the anonymous woman চাল 250,000 when she accused him of revealing himself.

The story is based on the words of another woman who was a friend of the flight attendant and who made a statement to the legal parties as part of the original settlement, but was not legally barred from talking about the case by signing a non-publication. Agreement.

Business Insider Claims to have exposed himself while being massaged by attendant Musk in London on a 2016 flight and offered to buy him a horse if he wanted to “do more” for the SpaceX CEO. But according to the same report that Musk denied, the flight attendant had enough money to buy a house, not just a horse, after settling with Musk for বছর 250k two years later.

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Musk did not deny that SpaceX paid the woman $ 250,000 to settle his original claim, but when contacted by Musk for insider comments, he responded by email rather than taking time to respond, claiming that “there is more to this story.”

“If I had been involved in sexual harassment, it would have been less likely to be the first time in my entire 30-year career,” he told Insider, calling the story a “politically motivated hit piece.”

As Republican supporters have pointed out, the story was published shortly after Musk dismissed himself as a Republican.

“[The Democrats] They have become a party of division and hatred, so I can no longer support them and vote for the Republicans, “he tweeted the day before breaking the story, adding:” Now, see the manifestation of their dirty tactics against me … “

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