Elon Musk wants 10% Tesla workforce call, has “extremely bad feelings” about the economy

A few days after talking about returning to the office, Tesla employees may get a message that the report that Elon Musk wants to reduce by 10 percent is true so as not to bother after all.

Seen in an email sent Thursday ReutersTesla’s CEO writes that he has a “very bad feeling” about the economy and wants to eliminate one in ten of the 100,000 car manufacturers worldwide. Musk has instructed the firm’s officials to “suspend all hiring worldwide”, which is not good for the new Berlin, Germany, plant expansion plans.

The explosive email release follows Musk’s announcement earlier this week that he hoped all Tesla employees would return to office. In two emails sent Tuesday, Musk said employees must be in the office for at least 40 hours per week and those who do not show up will be fired.

There was already speculation that the return to work order was merely promoting a round of job cuts. Some industry observers believe that Musk announced that many workers would not want to return to the office, allowing him to reduce Tesla’s workforce without having to spend on unnecessary packages.

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Tesla has stopped the epidemic- and semiconductor-related manufacturing problems last year in the race to become the best-selling luxury brand in the United States to reach the breadth of BMW, which looks set to be achieved this year. But despite those successes, Musk has warned of the dangers of a recession in recent weeks and expressed concern about the global economy. Inflation is at record levels and although Covid restrictions have largely been abandoned around the world, Tesla is facing epidemic-related manufacturing problems at its Shanghai plant.

Musk had previously said he believed the recession was actually a positive situation, claiming that “it has been raining money on fools for a long time. Something needs to go bankrupt.”

But financial markets don’t seem to share that sunny outlook. Shares of Tesla fell nearly 3 percent and Frankfurt-listed stock fell 3.6 percent in U.S. pre-market trading on Friday. Reuters Story.

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