Fischer CEO Pierre teases electric crossover, hoping to show prototype up front

Henrik Fischer, CEO of Fischer Inc., took to Instagram today to publish a new photo of his company’s upcoming affordable EV, PAR. Along with the photo, he also shared some information on the progress of the development process.

“EV below $ 29,900 and revolutionary,” Fischer wrote. “We are currently working at full speed to redefine how a cheap car can be built. Reduce parts, make them easier. “

In fact, Fischer seemed excited about the upcoming PEAR, writing that he expects the company to “show a PEAR prototype before” [he] Originally said. “

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Fischer has said in the past that the crossover will arrive in 2024, and the automaker began saving for it in February. After 10 days, it received 1,500 reserves, he said It has announced that Foxconn will build the car at its newly acquired plant in Lordstown, Ohio.

Described as very sporty with short overhangs and a large wrapped windshield, as Fischer Pear suggested above would be made extremely easy to reduce costs. This means there will be no traditional hatch to access the trunk. But it will have “unique features to replace the tradition,” the CEO promised.

The second EV announced for the revived brand, the PEAR will be a smaller crossover than the Ocean SUV. In another post today, Fischer shows action on a series that looks like an HVAC control switch for a company car. He added that it was “super cool” to see them in disguise of production despite supply chain problems that have affected the larger automotive industry.

Not Pigeon Hole, Fischer Project will follow Pear and Ocean with Ronin, a four-seater convertible grand tour that includes “the longest range in the world”, according to another Instagram post. The automaker plans to show a prototype of it next August.


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A post shared by Henrik Fisker

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