Ford announces বিনিয়োগ 3.7 billion investment in Michigan, Ohio and 6,200 new union jobs

Ford Motor Company and the United Auto Workers Union today announced plans to add more than 6,200 new manufacturing jobs to the Midwest. Ford plans to invest 3.7 billion in the region to build next-generation cars like the Mustang.

In addition to adding more jobs, Ford has announced that it will convert about 3,000 temporary UAW workers to permanent full-time status and provide healthcare benefits to all employees on the first day of employment.

The move comes just a year before UAW and Ford began negotiating an agreement. That’s when the two companies usually make such announcements. Whatever the argument, Ford says it will invest $ 1 billion over the next five years to improve its plants. This will include things that UAW members want, such as more charging ports, better lighting in the parking lot, healthier food options and more.

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“This announcement is a testament to the UAW members who have contributed their skills, experience and knowledge to the success of the Ford Motor Company,” said UAW President Ray Curry. “We always advise employers and lawmakers that union jobs are worth the investment. Ford added these jobs and rose to the plate, transforming 3,000 UAW members into permanent, full-time positions with benefits.

In addition, as part of the announcement, Ford has confirmed that the next generation Mustang and Ranger will be built in Michigan. It also announced that the all-new electric commercial vehicle, built in Ohio, will be launched in the mid-2020s and will increase production of the F-150 following strong demand for all-electric pickups.

According to the company, the entire investment will include the following:

Michigan: $ 2 billion investment and 3,200 union jobs, including nearly 2,000 jobs across Michigan’s three assembly plants, to increase production of 150,000 new F-150 lightning electric trucks each year at Deerbourne’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. An all-new Ranger pickup at Wayne’s Michigan Assembly plant and a brand new Mustang coupe at the Flat Rock Assembly plant. Monroe also includes a 35 million investment to build a brand new Ford Customer Service Division packaging facility that will create jobs for more than 600 unions, with Ford expected to begin operations in 2024 to accelerate shipments of parts to customers.

Ohio: A brand new EV commercial vehicle launched in the middle of a decade with a 90 1.5 billion investment in the Ohio Assembly plant and 1,800 union jobs, with an additional 90 jobs and a িয়ন 100 million investment between the Lima Engine and the Sharonville Transmission Plant.

Missouri: তৃতীয় 95 million investment and 1,100 union jobs for a third shift at the Kansas City Assembly plant to boost production of Transit, America’s best-selling commercial van and brand new e-transit electric van.

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