Ford is hoping to get lots of extra cash subscriptions from Advanced Drivers

Thanks to modern technology, cars are much better than before. With that in mind, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently addressed the 2022 Alliance Bernstein Strategic Decision Conference and developed a blueprint for the brand’s future that includes, among other products, expensive advanced driver support systems. This is part of the target of $ 20 billion in revenue by 2030.

First seen by FordAuthority, Farley’s comments make it clear that Ford does not want to sit still and does not allow other automakers to innovate in space. Ford wants to innovate through its over-the-air software capabilities called Ford Pro and Ford Pro Commercial.

Many of the features it plans to monetize include advanced driver support features such as BlueCruise and ActiveGlide that allow the driver to be less physically active behind the wheel. Farley wants to include autonomous features that have not yet been published.

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“I think it’s the biggest, most exciting kind of land grab in our industry since the Model T … I really believe that … we used our phones to make a call and then the embedded systems were installed and the sensors Set, and all of that software doesn’t allow those devices to be used just for calls, “Farley said.

He believes that cars are going to experience the same technological paradigm shift. “It simply came to our notice then. When I look at the pricing capabilities for ADAS, not just Tesla, but all of us are incredible… it seems like the first shipping software we can send to a car for which customers are really willing to pay a lot. “

It’s important to note that Farley isn’t talking about a fairly small monthly fee here. He’s not even hinting at anything like a Tesla monthly FSD subscription that costs $ 99 or $ 199. Instead, Farley thinks the brand can charge enough.

“If we can get people to sleep in their cars, delay their commute by 45 minutes, they can go to work 45 minutes later, they can go home 45 minutes earlier. It won’t be 5,000. It will be thousands of dollars. And so we’re going to change the ride, just as Apple and all the smartphone companies have changed the call. And I believe when that happens, when you can send a lot of software to the car and you have great sensors, really change that experience and be much more productive, there will be a huge revenue expansion, ”he said.

While the option to add a feature after the initial purchase is great, the plan can ultimately cost consumers more. For example, Tesla removed features from second-hand sold cars because new owners did not pay for them.

Of course, many companies have to pay for these options right now so there’s probably not much to worry about. How do you feel about the features mentioned above? Are you willing to pay enough for the freedom to sleep during your daily commute?

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