Ford is teasing this “June 1, 2022” mysterious message and Mustang logo

Ford’s social media accounts are revealing a puzzle that will be solved on June 1 Although the posts are rather mysterious, they may point to an upcoming new model

On her Instagram and Facebook accounts, the social media team at the Blue Oval posted a video dated 6.1.2022 on a flapping sheet of material that appears to be a carbon fiber weave. We need to point out that the use of carbon fiber almost always points to high-powered vehicles.

On its Twitter account, meanwhile, it posted the same date, as well as a tweet pointing to its “favorite emoji lately.” The automaker then posted a circle, a pan, a square, a hole, a spade, a pair of sunglasses and an X. Take a shot to crack that cipher in the comments

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The third important piece of information here is that, again on Instagram, the automaker has changed the image of its user to the Mustang’s talking horse logo. Again, the mention of the model is a possible sign of efficiency, so it makes sense in the context of other indications.

With the launch of the next generation 2024 Mustang not expected until April 2023, it seems a little early to launch a teaser campaign for that particular model. However, the automaker has plenty of ways to explore in terms of special editions for the current generation of many favorite sports cars.

Of course, the horse logo is no longer reserved for coupes. There is also an all-electric Mustang Mach-e to consider. While a pair of high-performance variants already exist, the automaker may have another plan to help create more excitement for the SUV.

It could be something like the F-150 Raptor

It could also be that the decision to change the user’s image was a complete coincidence. Ford owes us a more high-performance version of the F-150 Raptor, called the R. Expected to borrow the 5.2-liter Predator V8 of the Mustang Shelby GT500, the super truck can produce 760 hp. Speaking of trucks, the US-spec Ranger Raptor is on its way.

The variety of possibilities proves how confidential Ford is at this point, and it could be a bit of a backfire. Instead of engaging followers in an online Easter egg hunt, commentators have often taken the opportunity to ask when the date listed in the teasers will get them their new Bronco or another car. While Ford is by no means the only automaker that has struggled with supply, its problems seem to have clearly frustrated its customers.

What Ford is teasing about (even if it’s more of a teaser) you can expect to read all of it at when it is released on June 1st.

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