Ford will continue to build hybrids until at least 2035

Ford aims to have zero emissions for all of its vehicles in Europe by 2035, and its North American lineup will probably follow suit. However, it seems that car manufacturers will still embrace ICE powertrains for a while, at least indirectly.

According to Ford authorities, CEO Jim Farley told the Brand 2022 shareholders’ meeting that there is every intention to build a hybrid car by 2035.

“Well, first of all, the hybrid Ford was and will continue to be a very important part of our lineup and we have the strongest hybrid lineup ever,” Farley said.

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“We sold about 88,000 hybrid cars in the United States last year alone, and we’ve already sold 36,000 by April. Not only the growth of our fully electric vehicles, but also the successful expansion of our PHEV in Europe and China, and especially the growth of HEV like the very popular F-150 hybrid in North America is really exciting for us. It’s a big change for us, but as far as hybrids and plug-ins are concerned, we’ve never been more committed and our investment in this technology has seen us accelerate our sales. “

The F-150 PowerBoost hybrid was brand new for 2021, and last year’s hybrid sales helped it become Ford’s all-time best. In addition to the full-size hybrid truck, Ford’s new compact Maverick hybrid is also gaining widespread popularity, so much so that the Blue Oval has had to stop accepting orders for the 2022 model year due to production limits. For Europeans, the Ford Cuga PHV is a very popular option.

Ford has had a lot of success in the hybrid sector, with many of its cars surpassing sales expectations. As a result, Ford will hybridize several of its upcoming vehicles, such as the Bronco Sport, Ranger, and even the Mustang.

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