Ford will have to pay $ 7 million to be the victim of a Mustang crash

Ford will have to pay পরিবার 7 million to the family of a 19-year-old man who was killed in a Ford Mustang crash.

In 2016, 19-year-old Brenna Bamgarner was killed when a pickup truck hit her 2014 Ford Mustang, setting the muscle car on fire. The lawsuit alleges that the Mustang was “improperly designed to create an unreasonable tendency to burn under normal and unpredictable operating conditions.”

A court case has been confirmed and a jury has ruled that Ford was 99 percent responsible for Bamgarner’s death, noting that the Mustang “did not reasonably prevent leakage from the brake fluid reservoir during the crash.” The remaining 1 percent of the fault was reserved for the driver of the pickup truck.

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Charleston Gazette-Mail The report states that Anna Ericsson was driving a Toyota Pickup US33 in 1989 when she drove off the highway. On his way back to the road, he crossed the center line and hit the Boomerang Mustang. The attorneys representing Angel Tyler, Bamgarner’s mother, told the jury that the 19-year-old was burned alive after being trapped in his Ford.

James Finney, an attorney representing Ford, said the pickup hit the Mustang’s driver-side hinges at an angle, causing it to jam and prevent the BoomGarner from escaping.

“There was no engineer, there was no medical, there was no EMT – no one came to you and did not testify in this court. The degree angle is a 3,500-pound light truck at 59 miles per hour, ”Finney told the court.

The court ultimately awarded 2 million for Bumgarner’s “conscious pain and suffering” and $ 5 million for Tyler’s mental anguish following the death of his daughter. Ford is considering its options and whether it will appeal the outcome.

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