Former Mercedes F1 World Champion apparently “not eligible” to run EQXX

Nico Rosberg has proved that, if nothing else, in his career, he is a skilled driver. The 2016 Formula 1 Champion, however, apparently is not qualified to run a 241 HP EV.

In his latest video, focusing entirely on one of Mercedes’ latest ideas, the wildly engineered Vision EQXX, Rosberg was actually prevented from driving. He may have a super license but he does not have an R&D license.

This is a bit unusual when you consider that although the EQXX’s drivetrain was built with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team, its power is not really the point. Everything about EQXX focuses on driving the car farther and faster

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Indeed, thanks to incredible aerodynamics, a 100 kWh battery pack and solar cells on the roof, the concept was actually able to run 1,008 km (626 miles) on a single charge and still had juice left in the proverbial tank to go farther.

It’s a one-off, though, I think it’s understandable that Mercedes only wants certain people to drive it. That means even its former F1 driver had to hand over the wheel to Boris, one of the automaker’s R&D engineers, with whom Rosberg was impressed, saying he did a great job.

He is also fascinated by the car, which he says makes it feel lighter or at least has a lower center of gravity. When he wants to know how fast it can go, he is also fascinated by the acceleration, which pushes him back to his seat.

And understandably, while we’re accustomed to hearing obscene energy statistics in the new EV, history has taught us that 241 hp (180 kW / 245 PS) in a relatively light car is a lot of energy for your average daily driver.

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