GMC Sierra-based Jimmy Hall will not make two-door pickup GM

The modern day GMC Jimmy is being brought to life by Flat Out Autos and this is our first look at the almost-finished prototype of the truck.

We first heard about the company’s plans to acquire a new GMC Sierra in January and convert it to Jimmy. Since then, the unique pickup truck has taken shape and will be unveiled to the public at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in November.

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During the Sierra overhaul, the length of the flat-out Autos wheelbase was significantly reduced and the pickup ratio changed drastically. The changes are rarely seen when viewed from the front of the truck, but are immediately noticeable when viewed from the side, thanks to the short wheelbase and the Sierra now has only two doors. The roof line also seems a bit low, although it can only be an optical illusion.

Flat Out Autos has also changed the pickup bed, redesigned it completely and incorporated it more nicely into the bodywork. You will also notice that the bed has a pair of small seats.

The company behind the project noted that it is currently building a removable fiberglass roof for the Sierra that will sit on top of the bed. It is also willing to customize the interior of the truck and give it a new color shade before SEMA.

While work on the prototype is still ongoing, Flat Out Autos is expected to eventually offer its Jimmy upgrade package to those Sierra owners who are willing to completely overhaul their trucks. Price and availability details have not been confirmed.

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