Godzilla Gauntlet: How do each AWD Nissan GT-R stack up against each other?

When the Nissan GT-R drives all-wheel for the R32 generation, it cementes its place in the history books as a true world-beating sports car, and that vision remains more or less true with each successive generation. That being said, how do those generations compare to each other? To find out, Carwow raced every GT-R from R32 in their latest video.

The first three GT-Rs (R32, R33 and R34) produced “276” horsepower (280 PS / 206 kW) from the slightly tweaked version of the same RB26DETT 2.6L twin-turbo inline-six engine. The number is quoted because it is Nissan’s official figures for the vehicle, although it was suspected to be underrated to satisfy a national gentleman’s contract that limits the vehicle’s ability to drive in the name of safety.

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The R32 is actually thought to produce about 300 hp (304 PS / 224 kW), the R33 320 hp (324 PS / 239 kW), and the R34 340 hp (345 PS / 254 kW). On the other hand, the R35, a NISMO model, produces 600 hp (608 PS / 447 kW) from the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6. All four cars are all-wheel drive, but each generation is heavier than its predecessor.

Surprisingly, thanks to the convenience of power, launch control and transmission speed, the R35 shuts down immediately and leaves the rest of the bunch for dust. From that point on, it’s a tough battle between R32, R33 and R34. It was a close finish, all three crossing the line within a car’s length from each other, but in the end it was R33 that took the victory, then R32 and then R34. To eliminate launch errors by repeating drag races, the finishing result was R35 again at wide intervals, followed by R34, R33 and R32. In two roll races from 2nd and 3rd gear, the finishing results were the same.

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