Gordon Murray is working on two mainstream SUVs, including an electric powertrain

Gordon Murray Automotive is offering T.50 and T.33 limited production supercars with mid-mounted V12 engines but the Gordon Murray Group is also working on something very different – a pair of mainstream SUVs that come with a fully electric powertrain.

Gordon Murray says the new SUV will set new standards for range concerns and vehicle mobility by following the same principles as its supercar design. This means that the new models will benefit from its efficiency in chassis setup as well as light weight with clever packaging and advanced aerodynamics. He further announced that one of them will have four seats with FWD layout and the other will have five seats with AWD layout. Unlike the super-expensive T.50 and T.33 supercars, the price of the SUV will be more accessible to more people.

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One of the sibling models will probably be made in Windlesham and will wear the Gordon Murray symbol, but the other is being made for another manufacturer. According to Autocar, the SUVs will fit into a new EV-dedicated architecture designed by Gordon Murray. The platform was hinted at last year during the announcement of a five-year expansion plan as part of a 300 million ($ 377 million) investment. It was described as a “revolutionary, lightweight, highly efficient electric vehicle architecture” set to underpin a small SUV with an LCV derivative.

Gordon Murray is no stranger to designing a wide variety of vehicles for emerging markets, from electric heavy quadricycles to trucks. All of them use patented iStream production methods that reduce weight, small carbon footprint and significantly reduce initial investment costs.

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