Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.15 A Le Mans brings winners among other improvements

Gran Turismo 7 has released a completely new update (1.15) which is free for all players. Gamers will now have the opportunity to get behind the virtual wheels of three new performance-centric machines, including a 24-hour Le Mans winner. Scaps mode features a brand new photo location and a bunch of other minor improvements across the GT7 landscape.

The most notable new car for most will probably be the Toyota GR010 Hybrid from 2021. Both cars number 7 and 8 will be available. The pair trailed back to first and second place in Le Mans in 2021, and the former led 178 laps before finishing with a total of 371.

In addition to that Japanese winner, Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo now owns the game and is available to drive. Powered by a Hayabusa superbike engine and a triple electric motor, the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo produces 426 hp (318 kW / 432 PS) in the virtual world. Sadly, this is not intended for any type of production.

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American muscle fans can fix them for the new inclusion of Roadstar Shop Rampage. It is a heavy-modified tuner car based on the second-generation Chevrolet Camaro and, unlike the Suzuki, has a real-world replica. The physical car itself won the 2014 SEMA Gran Turismo competition which is why it is now a part of the franchise.

Gran Turismo 7 also adds New Orleans, Louisiana as a photo location in the game’s Scapes mode but it doesn’t stop there. Three more menu books have been added, one themed after the Vision Gran Turismo Trophy and the other focused on the lightweight K-Cup car.

Polyphony Digital has also made a number of minor adjustments. Seven new paint colors are available, some visual bugs have been crushed, and a new price has been updated at Legend Car Dealership. This particular feature has caused quite a bit of controversy over its pricing which is greatly influenced by the real-world evaluation under Hager’s direction.

Another update of the price model is planned for the end of this August. Until then we want to hear your thoughts on these improvements. Are you looking forward to testing the new Toyota, Suzuki or Camaro?

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