Harley-Davidson Releases Second-Gen Serial 1 Electric Bike with Google

Harley-Davidson’s eBay brand, Serial 1, recently unveiled its second-generation product and partnered with Google for them. The / CTY and BASH / MTN ebikes combine connectivity with two-wheeler efficiency.

Capable of traveling at 28 mph (45 km / h) with the fastest RUSH / CTY speed trim, the BASH / MTN off-road version can go up to 20 mph (32 km / h) with a motor that produces 66 lb-ft (90 Nm) of torque. More than anything Carmen Gias can collect.

In that mountain biking camouflage, it will be limited to 1,050 instances, with 525 being allocated for sale in the United States and the remaining 525 in Europe. In both cases there is a suspension feature.

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“More or less,” said Aaron Frank, Brand Director of Serial 1. There are no shaky suspension for tuning, no sleek drivetrain for adjusting – just two wheels, one gear and one purpose, to provide the most direct connection between you and the trail. The less you think about technology management and maintenance, the more you can concentrate on enjoying each ride. ”

Don’t worry, the responsibility to absorb the jump doesn’t fall entirely on your coccyx. Instead, the bike gets bigger Michelin E-Wild tires and more, a shock-absorbing SR Santour NCX suspension seat post. It also gets a Yuka Tan paint finish with extra powerful four-piston TRP hydraulic disc brakes and graffiti graphics.

The standard bike, meanwhile, gets more road-centric features and the manufacturer has partnered with Google to add a number of added features. Owners can find their bikes anywhere in the world for “Pinpoint Mode” Route planning has been simplified by taking turns navigating through Google Maps, and you can get a summary of the post-ride of your endeavors through the real-time data collected by technology companies. The bike has an integrated USB-C charger that allows you to charge your phone while riding.

“We are thrilled that Google Cloud has chosen Serial 1 as an immobility partner,” said Frank. “This means that Serial 1 will integrate Google Cloud’s new Intelligent Product Essential software solution into its eBikes, enabling predictive, proactive and intelligent features that will provide a better eBay experience for every rider.”

At most trim levels (BASH / MTN, RUSH / CTY Step-thru, and MOSH / CTY) get a 529 Wh removable battery with 706 Wh units at RUSH / CTY speeds. Prices range from $ 3,799 for stripe-down MOSH / CTY to $ 5,599 for high-performance RUSH / CTY speeds. Meanwhile RUSH / CTY Step-Thru is priced at $ 4,999 and BASH / MTN is priced at $ 3,999.

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