Heavily modified Renault Clio III RS sports talisman taillights

The Renault Clio III RS is widely regarded as one of the hot hatch greats of the ’00s, but there are some owners who do not deal with stock power output and visual features. One of them was Andron Georgian, who took the French Supermini closer to the 500 hp mark, although its exterior design changed significantly.

Addressing the elephant in the house, the taillights are OEM units, although they come from a different Renault model. It’s a pretty unconventional move to source these from a pre-facelift Renault Talisman, as the closed large sedan has significantly larger footprints than the three-door Supermini. In fact, the taillights on the Cleo look huge, even with the wide bodykits.

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As you can see, the visual modes with a completely redesigned body made of fiberglass do not stop there. The owner claims that the only part of the car that remains unchanged is the roof – we will also add doors and a greenhouse to be precise. The custom-made front bumper is inspired by concept cars from the Renault Sport era, including the Zoe E-Sport and Clio RS 16 with larger intakes and a cube-shaped DRL. It is joined by a vented bonnet, even more spacious front and rear fenders (Stock Clio III was wider than the RS base Cleo before), a new rear bumper with a prominent diffuser, quad exhaust pipe, a basepoke tailgate and a larger roof spoiler. . .

The base model of this build was a Cleo RS R27 with a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 194 hp (145 kW / 197 PS) in stock. The owner has done some pretty wild things with the engine, including the addition of a turbo kit, bringing it up to 493 hp (368 kW / 500 PS). This is more than double the original power and seems too much for a Superman with a front-wheel-drive layout. Fortunately, the brakes have been upgraded with a 343mm (13.5-inch) disc and a Brembo caliper under the aftermarket 17-inch wheel.

While most Renault Cleo fans will probably feel that the owner has come a long way with the changes mentioned above, the time and effort we have put into this build has certainly earned us a unique status.

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We would like to thank Andron Georgian for the photos of his car

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